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CQuotient is an analytic software company that allows for personalisation and targeting specific to retail email marketing. The CQuotient solution has been designed to plug into your daily email campaign execution flow, integrating with your ESP. You continue to use your current ESP for sending email. You continue to use their dashboard/reports to track email performance.

CQuotiet technology takes in numerous data sources – offline and online transactions, visits, product details, store details, promotions, geo-demographics, web browse data, social data, mobile usage, email interactions, etc. – and uses them to decode every customer’s unique tastes.

How they shop, where and when they shop, what merchandise they like and don’t, how price sensitive they are, what offers they prefer, etc. Armed with this unique understanding of what drives each customer’s behavior across all channels, the software systematically tailors marketing programs to each customer using those levers. The result is more relevant marketing that engenders increased loyalty and increased spend per customer per year.

CQuotient company history

CQuotient was founded in 2010 by Rama Ramakrishnan with the mission of helping retailers infuse customer insight into every decision they make. The founders of CQuotient have a background at ProfitLogic, a player in the world of retail analytics and price optimization solutions, which was later sold to Oracle.

CQuotient alternatives

Are you looking for an CQuotient alternative for your email marketing? We listed some CQuotient alternatives.

Products and services

The CQuotient tooling offers the following features:

One-to-One Content
Dynamically tailor the content of your message to each individual recipient to make it is as relevant as possible. Using pre-built dynamic content modules within your email templates, CQuotient can show any number of specific in-stock items that the recipient is likely to find interesting. Combine this with the ability to show a specific offer that triggers the particular behavior you want from that customer, and you have a compelling message to every individual customer on your email list.

Predictive Segments
Automatically assemble segments based on customer Lifecycle, Merchandise propensities and Channel preference. The CQuotient models predict who is most interested in which messages, enabling to precisely target your message to those who most want to hear it.

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