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Colagrossi Media is a full-service email marketing agency focused on ongoing email channel management, strategy, creative design, and technical services.

Through the combination of email marketing, analytics, and creative expertise, Colagrossi Media tailors its work to the highly specialized needs of its clients. They offer an end-to-end solution where Colagrossi Media works with brands to create, execute and review their entire r email and CRM programs.

An expert agency team is in charge of ongoing channel management, email creation, deployment, and data-driven reporting. Colagrossi Media works with businesses of all sizes and will use any of their unique technology platforms, which includes any: email service provider, database management system, or other related technology services.

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Products and services

Colagrossi Media takes an integrated view of the entire email marketing process – from the creative trenches of headline creation to the scaffolding of results driven analytics.

Email Channel Management:
Expect a deep dive into what makes your business tick with the goal of scaling your channel’s revenue output. Full scale management covers all aspects of your email marketing channel. As an ESP neutral email marketing agency they will adapt to your systems and platforms.

Colagrossi Media offers a dedicated team that supplies your business with strategic management, email creative, consulting and more.

Analysis and Strategy:
the email agency creates customized analytics reports for your most important KPIs and metrics. Your email channel should never be an afterthought. It’s a foundational component of a strong digital marketing strategy. The team applies high level business insights on your campaigns through adaptive growth strategies that align with your company’s goals.

Marketing Automation:
Your email channel will be running like clockwork. With creating customer personas come intelligent targeting practices. Blindly sending email blasts to your whole list no longer. Segmented audiences ensure that you’ll be sending relevant messaging to the right customers.

Audit and Optimization:
Never face deliverability issues or low open rates again. Get an A to Z of your current or prospective channel and advise you on the best course of action. Initial reviews and audits take into account everything your company wants to accomplish. Then that is shifted into an ongoing proactive role.

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