Full Activation Email marketing

Multichannel Campaign Management Platform

Born as Cabestan, Full Activation has specialized in email marketing since 1998, and has helped all different sizes of companies, in defining, managing and optimizing customer relations via email with multi-channel data.

Hosting and management of relations information, scenario-based email programs, process automation, dynamic content modules, real-time deployment of campaigns, reporting and analyses of campaign returns, evolving platform that allows integration of features that address tomorrow’s demands for direct marketing.

Cabestan is an independent and exclusive commercial agent for email marketing solutions and the DMS scalable product line for Canada and the United States. Each solutions package constitutes a platform, available in SaaS.

Cabestan host of 260 million contacts, manage over 160,000 campaigns per year, send 3 billion emails per year

Full Activation Email marketing alternatives

Are you looking for an Full Activation Email marketing alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Full Activation Email marketing alternatives.

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