Enabling In-The-Moment Email Personalization

AVARI let’s you to personalize in the moment with real-time predictive content in email. Marketers send one campaign with AVARI dynamic content, using any email service provider (ESP) or marketing automation, and recipients get millions of unique combinations of content that are predictively personalized for each one.

The AVARI Predictive Recommendation Engine with Open-Time Personalization automatically injects recommended products, lifecycle offers, live social feeds, and other content into emails, on the fly.

AVARI was founded in spring 2013 and gained traction in the market very quickly, reaching more than 7,000 B2B customers in less than two years. Kevin Dykes, Sandy Hathaway, and Karsten Rieke founded the company with funding from investors including Connect Ventures and SoundCloud founders Alex Ljung and Eric Wahlforss.

Avari alternatives

Are you looking for an Avari alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Avari alternatives.

Products and services

AVARI makes it easy to upgrade all your email programs with predictive dynamic content. It works with any email platform, and it’s as simple as adding a tag to your website and your email campaigns.

With AVARI-powered dynamic content in your email campaigns, you’ll be able to:
- Include personalized content recommendations based on what each individual person is browsing on your site
- Insert real-time social feeds that strengthen your brand
- Display dynamic offers that are right for your customers’ lifecycle stages

Predictive dynamic content means greater personal relevance for your emails. More recipients click through more often. Brands win more transactions and build larger, loyal communities.

There are three simple steps to upgrade your entire email program with predictive, dynamic content:
1. Add a tag your website
2. Create a dynamic content block
3. Put a tag for the dynamic content block in your campaign

After that, simply press send emails with millions of different content combinations will automatically be assembled on-the-fly and delivered to each recipient.

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Website: avari.io
Twitter: @AVARI_io
Employees: LinkedIn
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