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Act-On is a provider of cloud-based integrated marketing automation software. Helping 2000+ companies to tie inbound, outbound, and nurturing programs together – across email, web, mobile, and social.Mainly medium sized organizations across industry verticals use Act-On’s integrated marketing suite.

Marketers can manage all of their online marketing efforts from a single dashboard that can be integrated with CRM so that sales can have access into various marketing functions.

Act-On’s approach to marketing automation aims to give its users full functionality without the complexity, and makes campaign creation and program execution easier and faster. Act-On also offers professional services team, 24hour customer support and an APEX ecosystem of partners.

Act-On software alternatives

Are you looking for an Act-On software alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Act-On software alternatives.

Products and services

Act-On’s technology features an Instant-On™ database for campaign implementation; an easy user interface; and a wide set of functionalities.

This includes an email marketing engine with integration to web conferencing and CRM solutions; tools for website visitor tracking,
lead scoring, lead nurturing and social media prospecting;
design tools for web forms, landing pages and emails;
inbound tools for advanced SEO, Google AdWord tracking and blog integration.

Key features

  • Marketing Automation
  • Messaging
  • Transactional Email
  • SMS
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Marketing Integrations
  • Web & Landing Pages
  • Forms & Data Management
  • Prospect & Customer Scoring
  • Segmentation

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