Email Vendor Functions and Features Guide


Created by: John Caldwell (USA & Europe), Jordie van Rijn (Europe)
Structure: Functions and Features that matter, side-by-side supplier comparison, over 52 supplier profiles

About this guide

This guide is aimed at those who are investigating the market for email marketing platforms. With more than 52 leading suppliers included, The 126-page guide, provides details on the features and functions needed for choosing a suitable supplier.

Why it’s a must have

  • Over 200 essential questions answered
  • Easy to compare with comparison tables and graphs
  • More than 40 unique email vendors side-by-side
  • Features & functions in 8 different categories that matter

Get your copy today

Order your copy today, both the European as the US version are available separately and also in a combination with a small discount. The guides include a 30 minute discussion with author.

Email vendor features and functions guide

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