11 Best ChatGPT Alternatives for 2024 (Free and Paid)

Are you tired of ChatGPT and looking for more specialized AI tools? The AI tool landscape is buzzing with innovative ChatGPT alternatives. They are changing the way we approach creative writing, coding, and visual content creation. While ChatGPT has its strengths, it sometimes falls short when it comes to specific tasks. Like maintaining brand voice, using targeted keywords, and writing SEO-optimized content.

Customized AI platforms breathe new life into your content. They’re like personalized assistants. Offering specific features without the need for expensive engineering. Picture budget-friendly options that give you the power to create diverse, fresh content. The sort that resonates with your audience and improves your online presence.

Curious to see the future of AI-powered content creation? In this article, we look at the best free and paid ChatGPT alternatives.

11 Best ChatGPT Alternatives Overview

Using software like ChatGPT comes with several benefits, including:

  • Convenience: They can handle a wide range of tasks, from answering questions to generating creative content, saving you time and effort.
  • 24/7 Availability: It’s always on, ready to assist you whenever you need help, no matter the time of day.
  • Scalability: Whether you’re a solo user or a business, ChatGPT alternatives can scale to meet your needs. 
  • Consistency: You can rely on these to consistently give information and responses.
  • Cost-Effective: It can be more cost-effective than hiring and training additional staff, especially for tasks that can be automated.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the best ChatGPT Alternatives: 

ChatGPT AlternativesBest ForFree Plan/TrialStarting Price
JasperMarketing copyYes, 7 days$39/mo
RewordOn-brand content generationYes$39/mo
WritesonicAffordable copywritingYes$13/mo
Gemini (Bard)ResearchYesFree
Bing AIText and visual outputYesFree
ClaudeCoding assistanceYes$2.4/1M tokens
YouChatSearch and summarizationYes$15/mo
OpenAI PlaygroundExploration and experimentationYes$0.0015/1K tokens
SurferSEO WritingNo$89/mo
RytrAll-Round Text GenerationYes$9/mo
Perplexity AIHuman-like responsesYes$20/mo

What to Look for in a ChatGPT Alternative

We looked at these features to evaluate ChatGPT alternatives :

  1. Natural Language Processing (NLP): Natural language processing is the backbone of an AI chatbot. These tools use large language models to understand, interpret, and respond to human language. 
  2. Specialized Use Cases: A ChatGPT alternative should cater to specific industry needs. To help content creators craft compelling stories or summarize web pages for research. Some even help you stick to a brand voice, or quickly generate ad copies.
  3. Integration Options: Integrations connect ChatGPT alternatives to add AI to your existing workflows to speed them up. For example, you could integrate a generative AI tool with bulk email services to craft email campaigns. Or integrate it with SMS marketing platforms to create engaging text messages. 
  4. Image Generation: Useful for content creators and marketers. They can use generative AI to create specific visuals that fit their content and brand.
  5. SEO Integration: Connect SEO reporting and rank tracking tools with ChatGPT alternatives to create content based on search engine best practices and improve rankings.
  6. Coding Abilities: A ChatGPT alternative for coding should help you write code snippets, and automate repetitive tasks. You can improve the overall coding workflow with the help of a capable large language model.

11 Best ChatGPT Alternatives in 2024

1. Jasper Chat: Best for marketing copy

Jasper Chat advanced AI writing platform

Jasper is an advanced AI writing platform, that works based on OpenAI on the background. Jasper Chat is a true ChatGPT alternative. It works the same way as ChatGPT but with a twist. It’s specifically tailored for marketing tasks. As addition to ChatGPT, Jasper comes equipped to assist with content, SEO optimization, and ad copy. 

Jasper interactive feature

What makes Jasper stand out is its proactive nature. It always asks questions to make sure it understands exactly what you need. It can adapt the writing style to match your brand voice, keeping things consistent across all your marketing materials.

Jasper specializes in tasks like creating content and optimizing it for search engines, making it a go-to assistant for anyone in marketing. Another cool thing? It can adapt its writing style. So your brand’s voice stays consistent in everything it helps you create.

selecting content option in Jasper


  • Specializes in marketing tasks like content creation and SEO
  • Proactive in asking questions to give you the best help
  • Adapts its writing style to match your brand voice


  • Focuses mainly on marketing and content tasks, so it might not be fit for every general AI model task.

Take Jasper for a spin with a free trial to see how it works for you. The starting price is $39/month for the Creator Plan.

Try Jasper for free

2. Reword: Best for on-brand content generation

Reword on-brand content generation

Reword is a ChatGPT alternative you can train with your own content. Integrate it with Google Search Console or use the WordPress plugin and Reword learns your writing style by analyzing your existing content. This personalized approach sets it apart from its competitors and makes sure that the AI truly writes like you.

uploading training document in Reword

One of the unique features of Reword is its emphasis on reader intent analysis. Its reader-intent suggestions are highly accurate. Giving guidance for creating content that resonates with your target audience. Reword AI offers a user-friendly interface making it accessible to both experienced writers and beginners.

Compared to Reword you’d have to train ChatGPT to capture your specific writing style and intent but you’d never get as good as reword.


  • The AI is trained on your content, it writes in your style
  • The reader intent analysis feature gives insights into creating relevant content


  • It doesn’t do images.

Reword offers a 7-day free trial and pricing starts at $39/month.

Sign up for Reword today

3. WriteSonic: Best for affordable copywriting

WriteSonic affordable copywriting

WriteSonic is an affordable alternative to ChatGPT. It offers features for content creation and AI-powered assistance. This AI chatbot is similar to ChatGPT but comes with an added layer of versatility and real-time functionality. It provides users with instant answers and AI-generated art. Positioned as an all-in-one content creation tool, WriteSonic can analyze many sources for easier writing.

prompting WriteSonic to create AI-generated art
AI-generated art using WriteSonic

WriteSonic separates itself by its real-time web browsing capabilities. Users can get timely and relevant information directly within the platform.

WriteSonic’s integration with Sonic Editor and persona mode offers flexibility to customize your AI chat experience. It can take on personas such as a translator, interviewer, or travel guide. This expands its use beyond standard content generation.

testing WriteSonic features


  • Real-time web browsing for up-to-date information sourcing
  • Integration with Sonic Editor and persona mode for customizable AI chat experiences
  • AI art generation for unique visual content creation
  • SEO optimization features for search engine visibility


  • The AI responses may lack contextual understanding in certain scenarios

WriteSonic offers a free plan for 10,000 words a month. Paid plans start from $13 a month to unlock GTP-4, plus brand voices.

Sign up for WriteSonic for free

4. Gemini (Google Bard): Best for research

Gemini chatbot

Gemini (formerly Bard), an AI experiment by Google, offers a chatbot that feels like an extension of using Google search. Based on Alphabet’s AI system, Gemini provides friendly and informative responses. This tool can also generate original content such as songs, taglines, and social media captions. It has strong research capabilities and excels at answering questions and gathering information.

Gemini generating song content

Gemini is all about helping you with research. It taps into the mighty force of Google search to give you super-detailed answers to all your questions. Its responses are chatty and engaging.

Now, let’s compare it with ChatGPT. While Gemini is nailing the research game with its Google-powered knowledge, ChatGPT is like a jack-of-all-trades AI. Gemini can help with research too, but it also excels at creating content and browsing the web. So, if you need a research guru, Gemini’s got your back, but if you’re looking for a versatile all-rounder, then ChatGPT might be more to your liking.


  • Excellent research capabilities
  • Thorough and detailed responses


  • Occasional unrelated answers

Google Gemini is free to use.

5. Bing AI: Best for text and visual output

Microsoft Bing AI for generating text and visual output

Microsoft Bing AI is a formidable ChatGPT alternative that is powered by an upgraded GPT model GPT-4. Bing AI is an excellent choice for users seeking an alternative to ChatGPT. The chat mode of Bing AI works like conversations based on web queries. 

chat mode of Bing AI

You can paste images and get responses based on them, which is pretty cool. A standout feature is that you can toggle between how creative or accurate you want your answers.

While Bing AI is acing it in the visual and accuracy departments, ChatGPT is more focused on being an all-rounder. It’s great for generating content and handling various text-based tasks. So, if you’re looking for a conversational search engine that’s all about images and top-notch accuracy, then Bing AI is the way to go. If you need a versatile AI powerhouse, then ChatGPT is your go-to.


  • Different conversational modes
  • Provides accurate information
  • Cites sources
  • Accuracy and creative settings


  • Responses could be faster

6. Claude: Best for coding assistance

Claude coding assistant

Claude was developed by Anthropic. It’s an upgraded AI chatbot that focuses on natural conversation. This ChatGPT alternative is capable of engaging in a wide range of discussions. From writing complex code to solving riddles and telling jokes. Claude can even summarize files and offers in-depth analysis and explanations of code blocks. While it cannot access the internet, Claude is a helpful and honest bot that provides quick and accurate responses.

Claude dives deep into your code blocks, breaking them down and assisting coders. Plus, Claude’s no slouch in the AI department; it uses its bag of AI tricks to rival the mighty GPT-4, which is seriously impressive. You can toss PDF files its way, and it’ll whip up summaries for you, making life a whole lot easier.

While Claude is great in the coding realm, ChatGPT is more of a multitasker. It’s not just about coding – it’s great for generating content and handling a wide range of tasks. So, if you’re knee-deep in coding woes, Claude’s a good option. But if you need an all-around AI companion, then ChatGPT is your go-to.


  • Free to use
  • Quick response time
  • Great for coding


  • Cannot access the internet

Claude is free to use, but if you want to integrate and use its API, it starts from $2.4/million tokens. 

7. YouChat: Best for search and summarization

YouChat for search and summarization

YouChat is an AI chatbot designed to help users search the internet more effectively. By typing your questions into You.com, you receive answers from a friendly bot instead of a standard search engine results page. YouChat can generate ideas, write emails, and get text summarization. It can assist with coding tasks in languages such as JavaScript, Python, and HTML.

YouChat is like a coding wingman. Throwing up accurate and reliable responses in different programming languages. it’s got a knack for hunting down information on the web and summarizing it for you, making your search sessions a breeze.

YouChat assisting with coding tasks

While YouChat shines in its programming assistance and internet search. ChatGPT is better when it comes to general writing. Like content creation, text summarization, and idea generation. So, if you’re in coding conundrums or need quick web info, YouChat’s a good option. But if you’re more in an exploratory mode, ChatGPT is your go-to ally.


  • Accurate coding responses
  • Efficient internet search capabilities


  • Occasional unrelated answers

YouChat has a free version for up to 5 prompts a day. To unlock more usage, YouPro starts at $15/month.

8. OpenAI Playground: Best for exploration and experimentation

OpenAI Playground for exploration and experimentation

OpenAI Playground is a web-based tool to experiment with large language models. While not meant for daily use, it gives a glimpse into the capabilities of GPT models. You can write code, craft stories, create an experimental conversational AI service, or edit for grammar and accuracy.

OpenAI Playground offers model customization options, allowing users to fine-tune the model’s behavior. It also supports speech-to-text inputs and audio recording uploads.

OpenAI Playground model customization options

OpenAI Playground has advanced AI tools for the language model, including model behavior and parameters. You can decide on the choice of model to balance between cost and quality. Control response randomness with Temperature and tweak the length of answers.


  • Model customization options
  • Supports audio inputs


  • Not meant for daily use

Open AI Playground is free to use for a credit grant of up to $5. After that, prices start at $0.0015/1K tokens for the gpt-3.5-turbo-0125 model. 1K tokens are about 750 words.

9. Surfer: Best for SEO writing

Surfer for SEO writing

Surfer is a search engine optimization (SEO) tool. It’s not a direct replacement for ChatGPT, but Surfer offers AI writing features for content creators. 

It gives insights and suggestions to improve the SEO performance of your content. This includes keyword optimization, content length recommendations, and competitor analysis.

When you select a keyword, Surfer offers heading suggestions, appropriate keywords, and the best FAQs. It does generate AI text but it’s less than reliable. Recently they’ve added a ‘Write with AI’ feature that will quickly generate article outlines for you, that are SEO optimized.

Surfer offering heading suggestions

In comparison to ChatGPT, Surfer focuses on SEO optimization and competitor analysis. Whereas ChatGPT offers a wider range of capabilities beyond SEO and content analysis.


  • SEO optimization recommendations
  • Competitor analysis for content creation


  • More focused on SEO content creation

Surfer SEO prices start at $89 per month.

Get started with Surfer here

10. Rytr: Best for all-round text generation

Rytr all-round text generation

Rytr is an AI writing assistant with 7M+ users. Compared to ChatGPT, Rytr offers features that can improve the writing process. It can generate text for many different purposes, including blogs, emails, product descriptions, ads, and web copy. It has a fairly simple interface and easy-to-use flow. 

setting up the tone of voice in Rytr

You set up the tone of voice, type of content, keywords, and number of outputs to get a result. 

content generation in Rytr

Its content generation speed is fairly quick. Which lets you bounce between ideas quickly to sift through the best ones. It’s a versatile ChatGPT alternative for content creators.


  • Content generation for multiple purposes
  • AI-powered assistance in content creation


  • Limits are in characters, word limits would be much clearer

You can use Rytr for free for up to 10k characters per month, or get a paid plan starting from $9/month.

Get started with Rytr for free

11. Perplexity AI: Best for human-like responses

While ChatGPT is pretty good in generating human-like text, Perplexity AI separates itself through its refined natural language processing (NLP) framework. 

Perplexity AI offers a more contextually aware and adaptable AI writer and chatbot. Unlike ChatGPT’s focus on text generation, Perplexity AI focuses on understanding and responding to human language accurately and deeply. It can deliver more meaningful and specialized interactions. 

Another cool feature is choosing which sources to generate answers from. For example, you can narrow down into research papers to get the most factually correct responses.

Perplexity adaptable AI writer and chatbot

The answers will also include related questions if you want to dive deeper into a topic.

Perplexity answers to prompts


  • Context awareness in conversational interactions
  • Emphasis on ethical AI and transparency in decision-making processes
  • Good natural language processing capabilities for meaningful and tailored responses


  • May require more fine-tuning for specific text generation tasks compared to ChatGPT

Perplexity AI is free to use. You can also sign up for PerplexityPro for $20/month to get access to different models and unlimited queries.

Which ChatGPT Alternative is Right For You?

There are many ChatGPT alternatives, each with its unique features, pros, cons, and pricing models. Surfer, Rytr, and Jasper, with their focus on content creation and SEO optimization, are ideal for businesses that need help creating SEO content at scale. Perplexity AI would be ideal for businesses that need meaningful and tailored responses.

For businesses that need friendly and informative responses, Gemini would be a suitable choice. It’s free and offers excellent research capabilities. Bing AI, with its visual input and output, is ideal for businesses that require a more interactive and accurate AI model.

Coders or freelancers who need help with programming and internet search will find Claude and YouChat useful.

Check out our review of the 20+ best AI writing tools for more ChatGPT alternatives.

FAQs about ChatGPT Alternatives

Which AI is better than ChatGPT?

Several AI software are considered to be on par with or better than ChatGPT. For example, Jasper, Surfer, and Rytr are ChatGPT alternatives better at creating marketing content. Reword is great for creating blog posts, and Claude is for coding-related tasks. The effectiveness of an AI model often depends on the specific use case and the requirements of the user.

Is there a better alternative to ChatGPT?

Yes, there are better ChatGPT alternatives. Jasper, Surfer, and Rytr are better at creating marketing and sales content. Reword is great for creating blog posts. Claude and YouChat are great for coding-related tasks. 

What is the competitor of ChatGPT?

ChatGPT has several competitors using different AI models. The big ones are Google’s Gemini (Gemini), and Anthropic’s Claude. Each of these competitors has its strengths and weaknesses, and the choice of the best model often depends on the specific requirements of the user.

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