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This is what marketers really want from their email marketing agency

When selecting an email marketing agency, you want to meet with the different vendors face to face at one point. Especially when looking for an email agency offering services and not only a self-service email solution. These meetings often take the form of a presentation, demo or (creative) pitch. But what do marketers want from […]

4 steps to choose the right email marketing software

Choosing an Email Service Provider (ESP) can be difficult. Very difficult if email marketing is new to you or your company. There are tons of questions to ask, tons of features to research, and then there’s just simply trying the product to see if it’s even enjoyable to use. For some there’s integration questions around […]

NewMediaAge ranking shows growth for email agencies

Yesterday we got a first peek into the NewMediaAge annual ranking of digital specialists in the UK. It shows the whole sector of digital agencies in recovery, indicated by growing budgets and new revenue streams. Agencies look to diversify into mobile, social media and display. The ranking called Marketing services guide shows a list of […]

Mark Brownlow’s tips for email tool selection

I had the honor to talk to Mark Brownlow last week. He is one of the few independent journalists in the emailspace and a very respected one at that.  Via his writings he has been helping email marketers for over ten years. Of course, I couldn’t resist to ask him about email tool selection. Jordie: […]

Email vendor guide excerpt for download

Last week the European Email Vendor Features and Functions Guide was released. Now you can also download the excerpt of the email vendor guide. International expanding Services Jordie van Rijn: “We see a lot of ESP’s expanding their services abroad. Sometimes with very aggressive methods and competitive pricing to get a bigger piece of the […]

The cheap Email Service Provider model

Email service providers have found a new way to acquire customers in the small business category by giving them a free taste. The freemium model , as it’s called, provides small businesses with free versions of an ESP’s services. The hope is that they will eventually become paying customers. Small business owner who doesn’t have […]

Research: ESPs might get you blacklisted

Guest author Joshua Geake shares his concerns about the alleged super deliverability all ESPs seem to have. And with good reason, his short research shows. Which ESP is best? There are hundreds of companies worldwide that offer email services but how can the average company that doesn’t understand (nor wants to understand) SMTP, DKIM and […]

Evaluating your email vendor

We all evaluate our email vendor on a day to day basis. While working with them we determine if we are happy with the service and email tooling. But we are not evaluating to actually pick a new email vendor. Most email marketers choose the partners who they feel comfortable with and stay with them […]

Emerce top 100 2010

Every year the dutch magazine Emerce publishes a brandimage research called Emerce 100. The top 100 list is split into different categories, which all have a top five of high performers, together making ‘the best 100 companies in e-business’. Ranking high in the Emerce 100 is a nice addition to the merits these companies already […]

Ecommerce holiday sales increased

Ecommerce sales increased 12% in November compared with the same month a year ago, MasterCard reported today in its SpendingPulse report. Online apparel sales did especially well last month, increasing 22.2%. Apparel posted the twelfth consecutive month of double-digit growth online, according to MasterCard Advisers, a consulting arm of the payment card network. Total apparel […]
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