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ESP Data hosting and send server locations 2020

In light of the news around the EU court and Privacy Shield data location. We are crowdsourcing an overview of ESP current hosting and sending server locations!

How many Email Software Companies (ESPs) should be on your short list?

How many Email Service Providers (ESPs) should we put on our shortlist? If a marketer is selecting a new email marketing company sooner or later this question will pop up. No matter if you are looking for an Email service provider or the best Marketing Automation software you don’t want the selection to take unnecessarily long, at the same time you want to be able to compare and evaluate multiple options.

How changes in ESP landscape affect clients: Acoustic, Epsilon, Yes Marketing (part 2)

Change is a constant in the world of email marketing There were some major changes in the enterprise ESP space if you look from the client perspective. It’s only a matter of time before the next big change in the ESP vendor landscape. Before that happens let's take another look at these three changes and see where things stand now

Choosing the Best Email Marketing Solution for your Franchise or Retail Chain

Email marketing has one of the best Return on Investments for franchises. Every franchise business has unique requirements when it comes to email marketing software. Lets see what it takes to be the best email marketing or marketing automation software for your franchise.

Starting with a new ESP? Make sure you are in the feedback loop

One of the key factors ISPs use to determine your email reputation is the number of spam complaints your emails receive. Receiving a few complaints is no big deal, but if recipients keep marking your emailings as spam, this is disastrous for your email deliverability. That’s why, when selecting an email service provider, you always […]

Are all ESPs equal? 4 must-know ways to lift the RFP curtain

The price component of the decision is going away as a real differentiator. And while that may be bad news to some, the death of email CPM will ultimately be good news to your email marketing program, because ESPs will need to find more meaningful ways to stand out from the pack when they are […]

How Email Marketing Automation can save you time: it’s in the Data

The typical marketing team is super busy. So an Email Service Provider that can save time, is welcomed with open arms. How can Email Marketing Automation help to relieve the time-pressed email marketer? In this series of posts we will answer exactly what features to look for in a real timesaving ESP. Starting off with […]

Email marketing software innovation for 2013 and beyond

Marketers should always keep a keen eye out for the opportunities in the ever changing playing field of marketing. Changing customer behaviour requires new tactics to future-proof relationship with your audience. Part of that is making the best use of email marketing software innovation. What innovations can we expect to see from Email service providers in the upcoming […]

How Agencies miss the mark in an email marketing pitch

Last time guest writer Daniel Flamberg took a critical look at how a lot of RFPs are actually run. Showing us how agencies and ESPs might operate during a pitch. This time we look how it all goes wrong. How Agencies often miss the mark and blow their chances in an RFP Let’s take a look. […]

The future of email marketing software

I had the pleasure of talking to more than 25 email marketing software providers last year. During the compilation of the Email vendor selection guide 2011. Of wihich the 2012 preparations are in full swing.  Some of  these contacts sprung into interesting conversations about email marketing, email tools and life.

Is your email marketing solution measuring up?

Email marketing is highly measurable, that has always been one of its strong points. You can measure who opened and clicked in your emails. Who unsubscribed, how many and from which email. Most email marketing solutions (or ESPs) will offer some kind of basic statistics or reporting module, but what kind of reporting are you […]

Why send out an RFP?

In a world full of choice, a Request for Proposal (RFP) seems like the perfect process to find that Email Service Provider to meet all your goals. Or is it? Time and time again, the RFP process fails, not in terms of appointing a vendor, but in terms of finding the right partner to implement […]
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