Email vendor Selection Articles

The cheap Email Service Provider model

Email service providers have found a new way to acquire customers in the small business category by giving them a free taste. The freemium model , as it’s called, provides small businesses with free versions of an ESP’s services. The hope is that they will eventually become paying customers. Small business owner who doesn’t have […]

Research: ESPs might get you blacklisted

Guest author Joshua Geake shares his concerns about the alleged super deliverability all ESPs seem to have. And with good reason, his short research shows. Which ESP is best? There are hundreds of companies worldwide that offer email services but how can the average company that doesn’t understand (nor wants to understand) SMTP, DKIM and […]

How to put together a crack team for ESP selection

A good ESP can make the difference between email marketing success or failure. So the right ESP selection team is one of the most effective investments a company can make. Engaging the wrong one (and ending up with the wrong supplier) is likely to be one of the most costly.

Why your ESP needs to buy a social media company

Last week the French email service provider (ESP) Emailvision invested in a brand new logo and a new sister: the social media tooling of ObjectiveMarketer. Was it a wise decision? And why should an ESP need to buy a Social Media company?

Terms you should know when selecting an email tool

When selecting an email marketing tool for the first time, email marketers are confronted with a lot of different terms, acronyms and new jargon. All kinds of features, functions and services you might have never heard of and which are important in the selection process.

What to expect from your ESP

Choosing an ESP is more difficult if you don’t know what to expect from them. Maybe you are thinking about in-house or outsource solutions, and you have some specific issues that are troubling you. So what can a client expect from their newfound email service provider (ESP)? Here’s is a short list of things you […]

Evaluating your email vendor

We all evaluate our email vendor on a day to day basis. While working with them we determine if we are happy with the service and email tooling. But we are not evaluating to actually pick a new email vendor. Most email marketers choose the partners who they feel comfortable with and stay with them […]
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