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Looking for an email supplier, but who writes the RFP?

Going out to do a Request For Proposal (RFP) to find the right email marketing software or service provider (ESP) is often a laborious process, with little chance that you will achieve the expected results.

Why send out an RFP?

In a world full of choice, a Request for Proposal (RFP) seems like the perfect process to find that Email Service Provider to meet all your goals. Or is it? Time and time again, the RFP process fails, not in terms of appointing a vendor, but in terms of finding the right partner to implement […]

Email marketing solutions – the difference between small, mid-market and enterprise

If you’re searching for a right-fit email marketing solution, it is good to know what area of the market you need to look. The earlier you know where to look, the better. Dividing the market is a great way to quickly go from a long to a short list of potential email marketing solutions. It […]

Choosing an email service provider: Focus on the trees or the forest?

In email marketing it is very easy to get into a fixed pattern of daily activities for our email messages, content creation, sending. It’s day-to-day business and most of the time there seems to be no reason to change the way things work. It actually makes working more efficient, but there also is a danger […]

This is what marketers really want from their email marketing agency

When selecting an email marketing agency, you want to meet with the different vendors face to face at one point. Especially when looking for an email agency offering services and not only a self-service email solution. These meetings often take the form of a presentation, demo or (creative) pitch. But what do marketers want from […]

4 steps to choose the right email marketing software

Choosing an Email Service Provider (ESP) can be difficult. Very difficult if email marketing is new to you or your company. There are tons of questions to ask, tons of features to research, and then there’s just simply trying the product to see if it’s even enjoyable to use. For some there’s integration questions around […]

Mark Brownlow’s tips for email tool selection

I had the honor to talk to Mark Brownlow last week. He is one of the few independent journalists in the emailspace and a very respected one at that.  Via his writings he has been helping email marketers for over ten years. Of course, I couldn’t resist to ask him about email tool selection. Jordie: […]

What is the best ESP out there?

“What is the best ESP out there?” This question gets asked a lot. During a recent roundtable, that bull was taken by the horns in what turned out to be a very interesting discussion about email vendor selection. Andrew Kordek, Co-Founder of Trendline Interactive and former email optimization superguru at Groupon: We often see people […]

Take Control of Your Email Marketing Software Selection

If you dread having to go through the process of selecting an email marketing software system then you are not alone. It doesn’t matter if you are only now jumping into email marketing or selecting a replacement for your current email marketing software. Nobody has the stomach to go through endless vendor demos, negotiate the […]

3 reasons why senders divorce Email Service Providers

Usually, before a couple marries, they engage in hundreds of intimate, layered conversations, in an effort to establish realistic expectations and build a foundation for a successful marriage. The same principle can and should apply in the context of a business partnership.  As with any partner, in business or otherwise, at the outset of each […]

Lessons from both sides of the email vendor RFP

Full disclosure: With eight years of email consulting under my belt, I have experienced several ESP RFP (Email Service Provider Requests for Proposal) exercises.  While wearing my agency hat, I was asked to write about those experiences for this site.  Recently, I took a position with an ESP, which makes my advice suspect at best. […]
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