27 Best AI Writing Tools in 2024 (Tested & Reviewed)

Machines writing? It’s no longer the stuff of science fiction. AI writing tools have exploded in recent years. With advances in AI technology, the quality of text generators has improved rapidly.

That has put the whole world on alert. Content creators. Marketers. Journalists. Bloggers. Students. Anyone with a website to maintain and not enough time to keep up with all the writing required. AI writing software promises to save time and improve the quality of text content.

But run a search for the best AI writing tools and dozens come up. It’s a hot market. So which AI writing software is the right one for you? We put together this guide to save you time deciding. 

27 Best AI Writing Tools Overview

AI writing software tools can help lots of different people in lots of different ways. In a short space of time, a broad market of specialised tools has emerged to cater for all needs. In that sense, there’s no such thing as ‘an AI writer’. Different types focus on different tasks and different use cases.

Some of the most common uses for AI writing software include:

  • Writing blogs, articles and other types of content from scratch
  • Speeding up and scaling marketing copywriting
  • SEO content planning and creation
  • Assisting with and improving writing
  • Proofreading
  • Research and planning
  • Creative writing

This article covers platforms that specialize in all of the above. Many on this list cover more than one use case. What they all share in common is the promise of making writing more efficient, more accurate and more impactful.

Here are the 5 best AI writing tools:

AI Writing ToolsBest ForFree Plan/TrialStarting Price
JasperBusiness Content Creation at ScaleYes, 7 days$39/mo
RewordAll-Round Writing AssistanceYes, 14 days$39/mo
SurferSEO Writing SupportNo$69/mo
RytrAll-Round Text GenerationYes$9/mo
HubSpotCRM Platform with AI writingYes$20/mo

What to look for in AI Writing Tools

With so many different types, it’s hard to come up with a single definition of what a ‘great’ AI writer looks like. But the best AI writing software shares certain features and qualities in common. Here’s what to look out for.

  • A user-friendly interface
  • Support for multiple text types. Look out for templates!
  • Plagiarism checks
  • A selection of different writing or improving tools
  • High word limits so you can generate or check all the copy you need
  • Integrations so you can use the tools where you normally work
  • A free plan or trial so you can test drive the software
  • For SEO-focused tools, content planning around keyword clusters

27 Best AI Writing Tools in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Ready to discover the best AI writing tool for you? Here are all the key features, pros, cons, and costs of the best products on the market today. 

1. Jasper: Best for Business Content Creation at Scale

Jasper best AI writer

Jasper is a hugely popular AI content generator. It has more than 100,000 users worldwide. Including major brands like AirBnB, Intel, Zoom and Verizon.

On top of text generation, it layers optimization tools for SEO and grammar. Its Brand Voice (formerly Boss Mode) tool learns from your existing content to get the right tone, style and detail for consistency and accuracy.

All of that means Jasper is a great all-rounder for business and marketing content. You also get more than 50 content templates to speed things up. 

Jasper templates

Jasper is available as an API to plug into tools you work with. Or you can use it online as a Chrome browser extension. There’s an Art tool that generates images from text descriptions to go with your text content. And a chatbot tool that works as an AI writing assistant to bounce ideas off or check copy.

Jasper Pros

  • 50+ templates covering all common marketing and business content types
  • 25 languages supported
  • Real-time training to accurately reflect your brand voice
  • Automation and collaboration tools to speed up production

Jasper Cons

  • It takes some time to learn the platform. But you get great videos, articles, and support to help you get started.

Jasper starts at $39 per month for single-seat accounts. Team accounts cost $99 per month for 3 seats. There is a 7-day free trial. You need to submit payment details to access it.

Best For: Large scale content creation across a whole business.

Try Jasper here

2. Reword: Best for All-Round Writing Assistance

Reword is more an AI writing assistant than an AI writer. It’s designed to support your own writing, not do the writing for you. So coming up with ideas. Researching topics. Correction, improvement and SEO optimization. A smart box of tools to guide you at every step of the writing process.

Reword content generation with AI

Reword’s biggest strength is how it gets to know you and what you write about. For every new project, you are asked to define what you write about and who your audience is. You can train the AI to learn about topics relevant to you over time. You do this by connecting the Google Search Console. It can also learn from the articles you write and edit as you go.

Reword training your AI writing assistant

Reword is about collaborating with an AI to write. It will correct mistakes, add suggested links and improve text as you go. Or provide targeted comments for what you can do to improve it. It also supports human-to-human collaborative editing.

Reword Pros

  • AI assistance at every stage of the writing process
  • Learns from what you write over time
  • Wide range of integrations with popular CMS
  • Designed for team writing and editing

Reword Cons

  • For the price, a limit of 3 writing projects a month on the cheapest tier feels restrictive.

Reword pricing starts at $39 a month for 3 users, 3 projects, 40 drafts, and collaborative editing. Get started with a 14-day free trial to test it. 

Best for: Professionals seeking help with their writing. Rather than an AI writing tool doing the work for them.

Try Reword for free here

3. Surfer: Best for SEO Writing Support

Surfer writing software with AI

Surfer is an SEO-focused AI language tool. That is, it uses NLP to optimize text for search engines, rather than for generation.

Whatever your topic, Surfer’s content editor analyses the top-ranking articles in SERPs. It breaks down all the key ingredients that make those articles rank so highly. These then become a checklist for you to use as you write or edit an article. This checklist includes keywords, images, headings, word count, and paragraphs. Your text gets a points score and a target to match the top-ranking examples.

Surfer plug-in for SEO optimized content

There’s also an AI-powered keyword research tool. Add-on features include a simple generator that creates articles.

Surfer has integrations with Google Docs, WordPress, Semrush, and Jasper. Or there is an API to connect it with other software.

Surfer Pros

  • Simplifies keyword research and competitor analysis
  • Points-based analysis means anyone can optimize text quickly
  • Easy integration with Google Docs

Surfer Cons

  • As powerful and user-friendly as Surfer is, it’s on the pricey side.

Surfer pricing starts at $69 a month if you pay annually. For that, you get 2 seats and 180 keyword analyses. Other tools like the AI content generator and the audit tool are add-ons. 

There is no free plan. But you can use an AI outline generator for free. And a keyword extension for Google.

Best for: Anyone looking to improve SERP rankings for their online content.

Try Surfer here

4. Rytr: Best for All-Round Text Generation

Rytr use cases to create content

Rytr is one of the most popular AI writing software platforms with over 6.5 million users. It focuses on straight-up text generation with a few twists. 

Rytr features 40+ templates or ‘Use Cases’. For content marketers, these include templates for blogs, emails, product descriptions, ads, and web copy. 

But some Use Cases go beyond standard content generation. SEOs will find the keyword extractor and generator useful. There are a series of tools for editing, expanding, improving, and rewording copy. 

There are also some interesting idea-generation tools. Rytr generates brand names or even new business ideas. There are options to create video ideas for a YouTube channel, story plots and song lyrics. And if you can’t find what you are looking for, you can create your own use cases.

Rytr content generation

Rytr supports 30+ languages. All content generated is checked for plagiarism. You can also generate images to go with your text. Choose from more than 20 tones to give your content the right feel.

Rytr Pros

  • Varied and flexible use cases
  • Build custom templates
  • Generates text in 30+ languages
  • Cheap to get started, including a free plan

Rytr Cons

  • I’d prefer to see writing limits given in words rather than characters. It’s just not as clear how much you get.

Rytr pricing starts at just $9 a month for 100k characters a month. There’s also a free plan with 10k characters a month.

Best for: All-round general content creation.

Get started with Rytr for free

5. HubSpot: Best CRM Platform with AI writing

HubSpot AI tools writing content generation CRM

HubSpot is often the first brand that pops up when you think of CRM or inbound marketing software. The platform also has AI tools for content writing, personalization, analytics, and sales forecasting.

AI tools are built into the Marketing, Sales, Service, and CMS Hubs. Draft email copy, write blog posts, and generate reports with AI. You can generate content in any HubSpot content editor by writing a /. Then choose if you want to generate a paragraph or a headline, write your prompt and HubSpot will generate copy. If you don’t like the result, click Generate again and you’ll get variations.

AI content writing generation HubSpot drag and drop editor

A standout feature in Hubpost is the AI website builder. You can create single-page websites by writing a company description, selecting goals, and a color scheme. You’ll get a site in 1-2 minutes, then you can refine it with the drag-and-drop editor.

HubSpot Pros

  • All-in-one CRM platform including AI writing, sales, marketing, customer support, and operations tools.
  • AI writing is included in the already stacked free plan
  • It’s easy to get started and generate content

HubSpot Cons

  • The quality of generated content isn’t as good as specialized writing tools
  • The pricing is quite complicated. And it gets expensive quickly on higher plans.

HubSpot pricing for the full CRM platform starts at $20/mo for 1,000 marketing contacts and the Starter plans for all Hubs. All plans include the AI assistants, even the free plan. Learn more about details in our full HubSpot pricing guide.

Best For: CRM platform for medium to large size companies with AI writing

Get started with HubSpot for free or read our full review

6. WriteSonic: Best for Affordable Copywriting

WriteSonic AI tool for writing

WriteSonic is one of the most user-friendly AI writers out there. That helps to explain why it’s trusted by a million clients worldwide. You can create clean, SEO-optimized copy in just a 4 steps. 

First, you choose the text type you want to create from more than 100 templates. Then you run a topic search. WriteSonic will give you a list of ranking content. You pick the examples most relevant to you. You can also paste specific links or upload your own files. Once you have done that, WriteSonic does the rest.

WriteSonic template library powerful ai writing tool

There is now a Brand Voice feature that captures the brand style of your existing content. And a text editor if you want to make changes to the content generated.

WriteSonic also has a range of other handy copywriting tools. These include a title generator, a paraphrasing tool, a text expander and an article summarizer. There is also a chatbot assistant, chatbot builder and image generator.

WriteSonic Pros

  • Simple and user-friendly. You can start generating content in a few clicks
  • 100+ content templates
  • All content comes SEO-optimized and plagiarism checked

WriteSonic Cons

  • I found the way word count is calculated from sample texts confusing.

WriteSonic’s pricing starts at $12.67/month for 1 user and 200K words. That’s using GPT-3.5. You can use GPT-4.0 for the same price for 33K words.

The Unlimited plan starts at $16 a month with no word limit. There is also a free plan with 10,000 words.

Best For: All-round professional writing tools on a budget.

Try WriteSonic for free here

7. SudoWrite: Best for Creative Writing

SudoWrite AI writer for creative writing

Lots of commercial AI writing software focuses on the needs of business users. SudoWrite is different. It’s designed to support creative writing rather than business content creation.

SudoWrite doesn’t use templates. Instead, it breaks down the creative writing process into 9 different steps. And provides tools to help with each one.

It starts with a Brainstorming tool that generates ideas for characters, setting and plot. And then a Canvas where you can start to flesh out and organize them. Once you start writing, the Write tool is great for overcoming writer’s block. If you get stuck, it will generate the next 300 words for you.

Some of SudoWrite’s best tools are its editing features. You can rewrite or expand entire sections. An in-line thesaurus gives you word suggestions as you write. To boost your creativity, the Describe tool adds descriptions based on chosen senses. Or you can use Visualize to create pictures of a scene for extra inspiration.

Finally, the Feedback tool gives you 3 areas for improvement. And you can run it as many times as you want.

SudoWrite Pros

  • Impressive range of text generation and editing tools to support the creative writing process
  • User-friendly interface. All tools are available at a click as you write
  • Unlimited editing and feedback
  • Easy to organize drafts and projects

SudoWrite Cons

  • The 3-day free trial doesn’t give you much of a chance to test it out.

SudoWrite starts at $10 a month for 30,000 words. There is no free plan, just a 3-day free trial.

Best for: From hobbyists to professional authors, anyone looking for help with their creative writing.

8. Growthbar: Best for Easy SEO Blogging

Growthbar AI writing software

Growthbar combines AI-assisted SEO with text generation. Its list of tools and features includes keyword research and competitor analysis. It then uses SEO analysis to create optimized content for you.

Then again, Growthbar’s SEO tools aren’t as in-depth as Surfer’s. It works fine for some types of content, such as blogging. Growthbar is pretty blog-focused overall. It also features a Blog Topic Generator and AI Blog Outline writer. 

On the writing and editing side, the interface is well laid out and easy to use. Keyword analysis is visible throughout. AI-powered editing options include expanding text, giving examples and concluding a thought.

It also features an on-page SEO audit tool which analyses existing content. A recent addition is a Brand Voice tool that learns your brand style.

Growthbar Pros

  • AI SEO analysis and text generation combined
  • Keyword research, ranking analysis and competitor analysis
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multiple editing options

Growthbar Cons

  • What you get for your money could be a little simpler.

Pricing starts at $29 a month for 2 user accounts, 25 articles, 500 paragraphs, unlimited blog ideas, and SEO tools. There is a 14-day free trial but no free plan.

Best for: Marketers and website owners looking to write blog posts, fast.

Try Growthbar here

9. Scalenut: Best for Quality SEO Tools Combined with AI Writing Support

Scalenut combines AI content generation with SEO optimization. Compared to many similar platforms, its SEO tools are its superpower.

Scalenut AI writing tool dashboard

The Content Planner scours top-ranking articles on a given topic. It uses NLP to pull out key terms, headings, structure suggestions and more. It also uses social listening to analyse reader intent. You can use these tools to plan single articles or entire ‘clusters’ for long-term content planning.

The SEO Article Writer provides real-time SEO scoring and prompts as you write. There are options to automatically expand, shorten or rephrase sections of text. A really powerful tool is the Fix It button. This auto-optimizes a document with a single click.

Scalenut templates

The AI Copywriter is a high-speed text generator. Again, it scours SERPS and generates content based on top-ranking examples. There are 40+ templates to choose from. 

Scalenut Pros

  • Complete SEO analysis and content planning tools
  • Generates SEO-ready articles in under 5 minutes
  • AI-guided writing with real-time SERP stats and content scoring
  • One-click automatic optimization

Scalenut Cons

  • Would be even better if it could learn your brand voice from existing online content.

Scalenut pricing starts at $20 a month. For that, you can generate 100,000 words and create 5 SEO articles. There is a 7-day free trial.

Best for: Marketers looking for quality SEO tools and AI writing support combined. 

Try Scalenut for free here

10. Outranking: Best for SEO Content Strategy for Teams

Outranking seo content writer AI

Outranking is a heavyweight SEO tool. Other SEO writing platforms are designed for article-by-article optimization. Outranking helps you execute winning SEO strategies across your site. 

It starts with AI-powered keyword research and clustering. Outranking groups the best-ranking words and phrases so they make sense as single topics. These topic clusters provide the basis for content planning. You can build a content calendar to plan how you will cover your content clusters. And plan a schedule that prioritizes the most important keywords. 

Outranking content production dashboard

One of Outranking’s best features is how it simplifies content creation across teams. This includes a content calendar and a workflow dashboard to manage production. You can create content briefs based on SEO targets. And then track creation and performance. 

Outranking’s content editor combines standard word processing tools with detailed SEO analytics. Optimization suggestions cover:

  • Titles and descriptions
  • Topic coverage
  • Uniqueness
  • Readability and grammar
  • Links
  • Plagiarism detection

AI writing tools are targeted at specific jobs such as creating article outlines. Or drafting introductions and conclusions. There is also an AI feedback feature that gives advice on how to improve copy.

Outranking Pros

  • In-depth SEO content planning
  • Workflow management for teams
  • SEO-optimized content briefs & AI-generated outlines
  • Advanced optimization

Outranking Cons

  • For all its features, Outranking is on the pricey side.

Outranking starts at $59 a month. This lets you create 10 SEO documents. You can extend this with add-ons without going up to a higher plan. There is a 7-day free trial.

Best for: Creating and implementing SEO content strategies across a team.

Try Outranking

11. CopyAI: Best for Simple, Quick Copywriting

CopyAI is a hugely popular copywriting platform with over 10 million users worldwide. It focuses on blog post creation, email marketing content and social media copywriting. With some useful extras like website copy, case studies and video scripts thrown in.

CopyAI’s main platform is an NLP Chat interface. It’s one of the many ChatGPT alternatives. You type in an instruction for what you want to write. The AI then interprets it to write an article. No need to search for topics or keywords. And then choose examples to model yours on. It’s a simple process from input to output.

Unlike ChatGPT, CopyAI gives you more control over shaping that output. There are 45 text-type templates, including some fun ones like dating site profiles, song lyrics and even wedding vows!

There are also prompts. These guide you through what to ask the Chatbot to get the most productive results. There is a Brand Voice tool to shape the style of writing. You can paste in any text, and ChatAI will copy the tone. The AI can write in 25+ languages.

CopyAI Pros

  • Simple chat interface
  • Multi-language support
  • 45 text-type templates
  • Free plan

CopyAI Cons

  • Like a lot of GPT-based Chat AIs, you need to check content carefully for relevance and accuracy.

CopyAI pricing starts at $49 a month. That sounds expensive. But you get 5 users, so it’s a good deal for teams. And there are no limits on word count or number of projects. There is a Free plan with 2,000 words a month.

Best for: Marketing teams looking for a simple, fast copywriting tool to save time.

Try CopyAI for free here

12. Frase: Best for Creating Ranking Content on a Budget

Frase AI writer

Frase is a very slick and user-friendly AI writing tool. SEO and AI text generation are blended together in the same workflow. You can move from researching keywords to generating full-length articles very quickly. The interface is simple and clean, making everything easy to learn and navigate.

The creation starts by typing in keywords or topics into the Frase search engine. Frase’s AI algorithms then scrape the internet for high-ranking competitor articles. It shares an analysis of what makes them rank highly. And then suggests content, keywords, and outlines. 

A lot of SEO-focused AI tools leave you to generate content from here. But Frase has a long-form AI Writer that picks up on the SEO outline. It generates content based on the analysis. And it doesn’t just rely on NLP keywords. Its AI pulls in lots of other data like content details, context, style etc. So it produces impressively ‘human’ text.

Frase Pros

  • Advanced SEO tools and AI text generation in a single workflow
  • AI looks in-depth at data beyond NLP keywords to generate high-quality text
  • Generates high-scoring SEO-ready content quickly
  • Affordable pricing

Frase Cons

  • It’s a shame Frase charges a small fee for the 7-day trial period. Which means you have to share payment details.

Frase pricing starts at $12.66 a month for 4 SEO articles. But there are flexible options. Unlimited AI generation without the SEO tools costs $35 a month. Or 30 optimized articles cost $38.25 a month. A 5-day trial costs $1.

Best for: Small businesses who want to up their SEO game on a budget.

Try Frase here

13. Describely (formerly Copysmith): Best for Product Descriptions

Copysmith Describely AI writing software

Describely is the copywriting AI formerly known as Copysmith. Copysmith had a reputation for generating high-quality content, fast. You could use it for everything from blog content to landing pages. But its strength was short-form content like ads and product descriptions.

Describely takes the latter of these and runs with it. It’s an AI writer dedicated to product content. Its language model is trained on ecommerce sites. And it has also been shaped by leading professional copywriters to guarantee first-class results.

Describely AI writing tool

Describely plugs straight into the best ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce. Wix and Amazon are coming soon. Describely’s AI uses the product database to generate full descriptions, product summaries, titles, and tags. It includes SEO tools so you can optimize content with the right keywords. 

Describely speeds up content production for large product catalogues. The workflow from product database to creation to storefront is slick. And you get a single platform for managing all your product content.

Describely Pros

  • Speeds up and simplifies product content creation
  • Designed for large product databases
  • Language model trained specifically on ecommerce sites
  • Direct integrations with ecommerce platforms and PIMs

Describely Cons

  • Still a platform in transition, so the full feature list is still to be rolled out.

Describely starts at just $9 a month, or $90 a year. This gives you 3 seats and 450 products. There’s a free plan that lets you write content for 5 products.

Best for: Ecommerce stores that need lots of product descriptions.

Try Describely

14. QuillBot: Best for Simple Writing Assistance on a Budget

QuillBot AI writing app for paraphrasing

QuillBot is an AI paraphrasing tool with a grammar checker, a plagiarism checker, an article summariser, a citation generator and a translator.

The paraphrasing tool has 7 options:

  • Standard: Rewords text without changing the style and retaining the meaning.
  • Fluency: Improves readability and removes errors.
  • Formal: Makes text more professional.
  • Simple: Makes text easier to read and understand.
  • Creative: Changes wording and phrasing to make it more expressive. May slightly alter meaning.
  • Expand: Adds to text.
  • Shorten: Compresses text.

The other tools work in a similar way. You copy and paste or upload text to check or rewrite. The interface is very simple and user-friendly. 

There is also a Co-Writer tool that is in effect a word processor with AI tools. You can paraphrase, summarize and get text suggestions as you write. You can also carry out online research and get the AI to create your citations.

Quillbot supports 23 different languages. It’s available as a web app and has plug-ins for Chrome, Microsoft Word and MacOS.

QuillBot Pros

  • Free to use without any signup
  • Super easy interface
  • Great for improving existing text
  • Helps organize research for long-form content and create citations

QuillBot Cons

  • Doesn’t differentiate between US and British English.

QuillBot is free to use and doesn’t require any signup for some features. But, on the free tier, you are limited to paraphrasing 125 words at a time. And you can only use the Standard and Fluency modes. The Premium plan starts at $6.25 a month. This lets you paraphrase unlimited words and unlocks the other tools.

Best for: Getting help improving text on a budget.

15. Anyword: Best for Boosting Content Performance

Anyword AI writer

A lot of AI writing software focuses on search optimization. But marketers also need copy that works for ‘real people’, not just search engine results pages. Headlines and snippets that grab attention. Informative articles that draw audiences in. Content that gets people clicking and converting. Or sharing on social media.

Anyword takes this bigger-picture view of content optimization. It uses large language models and predicts how a piece of content will perform using audience metrics.

Sounds impressive? A million clients worldwide agree. The core of Anyword’s offer is its editor with 100+ templates. Rather than generating copy, the editor compares your text with high-performing examples of the same type. It gives each piece of content a score. And makes suggestions for improvement.

Anyword AI writing templates

You can train the AI to suit your unique brand voice. And set Target Audience personas. This will narrow down how the AI rates performance with particular groups of people. A cool tool is called Talking Points. This works for HubSpot Email and Google Ad campaigns. It assesses campaigns and comes up with key messages that have the biggest impact. 

Anyword Pros

  • AI-led intelligence for improving content performance beyond SEO
  • 100+ content type templates
  • Uses AI to shape brand and audience insights
  • Suggests key messages for campaigns

Anyword Cons

  • Limited text generation options

Anyword pricing starts at $39 a month for 1 user. There are no limits on how many words or articles you can check or edit. There’s a free 7-day trial.

Best for: Marketing teams looking to increase the performance of their written content.

16. Grammarly: Best for Improving Your Writing, for Free!

With 30 million active daily users, Grammarly is a giant of AI writing software. It set the standard in text correction and writing support. And these days, GrammarlyGO also offers a suite of text generation tools.

Grammarly AI text correction assistant

With plug-ins for Windows, Chrome, iOS and Android, Grammarly’s text correction tools are available wherever you write. You can also paste text into the Grammarly web app.

It gives you a visual dashboard of how your writing performs in 4 categories. Correctness. Clarity. Engagement. Delivery. You also get an overall performance score. You can raise the score by following Grammarly’s prompts. 

GrammarlyGo AI text generator

GrammarlyGO is a user-friendly text generator. You simply type in a prompt and click go. It’s particularly useful for co-writing. Or adding to or editing what you write. There are options to rephrase, shorten, simplify and adjust the tone of generated text.

There are also tools for generating ideas about what to write. And a specific email reply generator.

Grammarly Pros

  • Advanced text correction and improvement
  • Plug-ins for the common operating systems ans browsers
  • Super easy text generation
  • Free to use

Grammarly Cons

  • Currently only available for writing in English.

Grammarly is free to use, but with paid-for plans that unlock more features. 

It’s free to use Grammarly for checking basic correctness and clarity. And you get 100 GrammarlyGO prompts a month for free. The Premium plan costs $12 a month for 1000 prompts. And tools for grammatical consistency, engagement and fluency.

Best for: All-round text improvement and co-writing, especially if you’re on a budget.

17. ProWritingAid: Best for Professional Standard Proofreading

ProWritingAid AI writing assistant

ProWritingAid is another writing assistant that focuses on correction and improvement. Its target users are professional writers. Authors. Academics. Journalists and copywriters.

The professional focus plays out in the depth of analysis. There are more than 20 different writing improvement reports available. Each report digs into a particular aspect of your writing. It rates performance and makes targeted suggestions for improvement. 

ProWritingAid document analysis

Quick fixes are available as you write cover grammar, spelling and style. But ProWritingAid also flags up things like word repetition. Or picking out unexplained jargon or tired cliches.

Suggestions can be geared towards different use cases. For example, creative writing versus professional or academic writing. ProWritingAid is particularly strong for non-native English speakers. It will translate phrases written in your own language. It explains suggestions to help you improve your understanding.

ProWritingAid plugs into Chrome and Windows. Or it can be used as a web app.

ProWritingAid Pros

  • In-depth analysis for improving your writing
  • 20+ different writing improvement reports
  • Specific tools for different writing styles
  • Great support for non-native English speakers

ProWritingAid Cons

  • No text generation options

Pricing starts at $20 a month, or a heavily discounted $80 a year. You can also buy a lifetime membership for $399. There is a free plan with 500 words a day. 

Best for: Professional writers looking to proof and improve their writing.

18. ChatGPT – Best for AI-Powered Research

ChatGPT AI writing tool

If there’s one generative language AI you’ve heard of, it’s probably ChatGPT. ChatGPT is run by OpenAI, the people behind the GPT family of large language models. GPT models drive many of the services mentioned in this article. ChatGPT is simply OpenAI’s own interface.

And that chatbot-style interface is ChatGPT’s stand-out feature. ChatGPT doesn’t have any templates. It doesn’t focus on particular writing tasks or styles of writing. You ask it a question or tell it something you want it to write. These are known as ‘prompts’. ChatGPT scours its enormous language model for examples that fit the prompt. And generates something (hopefully) relevant. All in a matter of seconds.

ChatGPT AI writing example

The big strength of ChatGPT is its open-ended versatility. You can ask for anything you want. Not just writing articles or marketing copy. People use it to learn languages, write code, invent games and more. You can be as detailed or vague with your prompts as you like. It also has a unique ‘dialogue’ format. Once a prompt is answered, you can ask follow-up questions.

What you get out depends on the quality of your prompts. And it can be hard to get the level of detail right for a very specific piece of writing. OpenAI has now introduced example prompts to help. 

All in all, ChatGPT is an AI text generator in name. But its best use may turn out to be as a search and research tool. If you want to use it to write a blog post, say, it’s useful for generating content ideas. But not so much for creating a polished finished product. 

ChatGPT Pros

  • Hugely versatile – will generate text in response to pretty much any question
  • User-friendly chatbot-style interface
  • ‘Dialogue’ with the chat AI lets you easily refine and improve answers
  • Free to use

ChatGPT Cons

  • Not easy to generate ‘print ready’ responses the first time of asking.

ChatGPT is free to use. ChatGPT Plus starts at $20 per month. The main benefit of paying is priority access to the LLM. Responses can be slow at peak times.

Best for: Generating ideas and speeding up content research.

19. Chibi AI – Best for Flexible Writing Support

Chibi AI writing software

Chibi AI bills itself as a platform to “augment your writing experience”. Its flexibility and list of features are impressive.

Chibi AI has 2 main functions. It can generate near-complete texts. You can then use the word processing tools to edit and improve. Chibi uses a chat-style interface rather than templates. You can specify the content type, the topic and the audience. Then choose from dozens of options for tone, vocabulary, style and language. It supports 20+ languages.

Chibi AI editing example

If you would rather write yourself, you can still get AI help in the form of prompts. Prompts work in a similar way to the main document generator. But are designed for writing short sections of text. Next paragraphs, new sections, ideas for where to go next.

You can save prompts to reuse. Chibi also has a memory feature which learns from your writing style and the type of content you write. There’s a brainstorming tool for mapping out ideas and a scratchpad for notes to organise ideas as you write. Chibi comes with Grammarly built-in and a review tool sums up text improvements in seconds.

Chibi AI Pros

  • Flexible text generation or writing assistant options
  • Learns from your writing over time
  • High degree of customization
  • Affordable, straightforward pricing

Chibi AI Cons

  • Although it’s a flexible tool for all professional content writers, there are no SEO tools. 

Pricing starts at $9 a month. This includes 10,000 generated worlds and gives you full access to all tools. There’s a free trial of 2,000 words. 

Best for: Storytellers and general writers looking for flexible AI support.

20. ClosersCopy: Best for Niche Marketing Content

ClosersCopy AI writing platform

ClosersCopy is an AI writing tool designed for marketing copywriters. It combines AI text generation with SEO optimization tools. 

By far the biggest USP ClosersCopy has is the number of text-type templates it offers. It calls them frameworks. But what’s really cool is the fact that users can create their own. And then share them on the platform.

There are 700+ different frameworks available. Most of them are made by professional copywriters. This means it’s great for finding really specific templates. For blogs and longer articles, you can find separate frameworks for different sections. So frameworks for a blog outline, for a title, for an introduction and so on. You can piece different frameworks together on a page called a Workflow.

ClosersCopy also offers functional SEO tools like keyword auditing and planning. SEO results are provided in the editor as you write.

Another stand-out feature of ClosersCopy is that it supports 128 languages. So it’s a truly global AI copywriting tool. It also has great in-app support, with handy video tutorials. Plus an active community of fellow users.

ClosersCopy Pros

  • 700+ AI copywriting frameworks
  • Combines marketing-focused text generation with SEO
  • Supports 128 languages
  • Active community of professional copywriters sharing frameworks and providing support.

ClosersCopy Cons

  • No free plan or trial.

Pricing starts at $49.99 monthly for 2 users, 300 AI generation ‘runs’, and 50 SEO audits. There are no limits on higher plans. There is no free version, just a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Best for: Professional marketing teams looking for AI support with varied and niche copywriting.

21. NeuralText – Best for Speedy SEO Content Creation

NeuralText AI writer

NeuralText is an AI writing tool that guides you through every step of generating content. From in-depth SEO prep through to final creation.

It starts with the topic you want to write about. NeuralText’s SEO tools run a search on top-ranking examples for related keywords. From these, they do all the heavy lifting on SEO analysis. Long-tail keyword discovery, with popularity and usage trends. Keyword clustering, and strategy suggestions for how to cover all those clusters.

Next, NeuralText uses this data to create content briefs. These include outlines with H1 and H2 suggestions, word count and target SEO score. Plus suggested ‘People Also Ask’ questions for FAQ sections. 

The final step is to generate content. NeuralText has 50+ templates or ‘formulas’ to choose from. The AI generator doesn’t create complete texts for you like some other platforms. But it does create suggested blocks to help you populate your brief.

The sum of all this is that it drastically speeds up the content creation process. But without sacrificing precision on SEO ranking. If you’re serious about SEO, you’ll need to track how your content ranks on SERPs. Find the best rank tracking software here.

NeuralText free marketing copy generator

NeuralText also features a couple of cool free tools. The ‘People Also Ask’ widget generates popular search questions on any topic. There’s also a standalone text generator with 20 different templates. This can be used in any browser without a login. 

NeuralText Pros

  • Guided, step-by-step marketing content creation
  • Simple workflow from keyword discovery through to AI-supported writing
  • SEO-ready briefs

NeuralText Cons

  • A $1 trial period means you have to provide payment details.

Pricing starts at $19 a month for 20,000 AI words and 5 articles. There is a 5-day trial period that costs $1.

Best for: SEO copywriters who want to speed up and streamline the creation process.

22. Peppercontent – Best for SEO content creation at scale

Peppercontent AI writing software

Peppercontent is a large-scale content marketing software. Its content platform includes the Peppertype AI generator. But the expanded offer now includes SEO and organic marketing tools. Plus a freelancer marketplace for outsourcing your content marketing.

The main writing interface is a straightforward word processor, or ‘Pepper Doc’. You can start typing on a blank page. Or choose from 35+ content type ‘prompts’ or templates. Users can create their own templates. Templates cover ‘complete’ document types like blogs and social posts. But also things like generating ideas, creating a value proposition or writing bullet points. 

Peppercontent Peppertype AI option

The Peppertype AI tools are available as an editing option in a Pepper Doc. You can highlight text and ask for rewrites, simplification and expansion. A cool tool is the ‘answer this’ feature, which answers a question in your text. 

Pepper Doc includes a fairly basic SEO Writing Assistant. It analyses keyword performance in your text. More comprehensive keyword and content research are also available on the platform. 

Peppercontent Pros

  • AI tools for content editing and creation
  • 35+ content type templates
  • In-depth SEO analytics
  • Option to outsource to a freelancer

Peppercontent Cons

  • The cost is beyond what most SMEs can afford.

Pricing starts at $399 a month. This is high compared to most other AI writing software. But that includes 250k AI-generated words a month. Plus SEO research to 10k keyword terms and 100 content reports. There is a 7-day free trial. 

Best for:  SEO agencies with large-scale content creation needs

23. Article Forge – Best for Creating Long-Form Content

Article Forge AI writing software

There aren’t many AI writing software platforms dedicated to long-form content. Article Forge is an exception. It’s an AI-powered long-form editor that specializes in content of 1500+ words. But you can customize the length for anything over 250 words.

Article Forge create a new article with AI

The basics of how Article Forge works are very straightforward. You provide a keyword or main topic for your article. And then flesh that out with more instructions, if you want to. You set an article length. And tell the AI about anything you don’t want to include.

From there, Article Forge will generate a complete article in minutes. Every article is created from scratch. No cutting and pasting from other content on the web. So it guarantees passing all plagiarism tests. You can also select an option to avoid AI writer detectors.  All articles are also created SEO-ready using latent semantic indexing (LSI). 

One of Article Forge’s best tools is its bulk article generator. So rather than approach a content plan one article at a time, you can implement a whole strategy at once. If you input a list of target keywords or keyword clusters, the bulk generator will create an article for each. There’s a built-in post scheduler and you can connect your WordPress site to automate publication.

Article Forge Pros

  • Creates long-form content in minutes
  • All articles are plagiarism-free and SEO-ready
  • Bulk creation for implementing content plans
  • Automated publication on WordPress

Article Forge Cons

  • While there is a rewriting option, editing tools after generation are limited.

Pricing starts at $13 a month for generating 25,000 words. There is a 5-day free trial but you have to provide payment details up front.

Best for: Automating production and publication of long-form content.

24. Hypotenuse – Best for Scaling Short-Form Content

Hypotenuse AI writing software

Hypotenuse is a high-quality all-round AI writing software with text generation and AI writing assistance for long and short-form content. But short-form copywriting is its real strength. 

It’s great for ecommerce copywriting. You can use it to create ad copy, social media posts and product descriptions at scale.

There’s a direct Shopify integration. Or you can use the Hypotenuse API to plug in any other ecommerce platform. Once connected, you can import your product data into Hypotenuse’s batch generator. And it will churn out hundreds of optimized descriptions in minutes. 

Hypotenuse AI templates social media captions blog content

The short-form generator can also be used for Google and Facebook ads and for Instagram captions. It couldn’t be simpler to use. Just describe your topic, enter your keywords, and hit generate. There are similar templates for meta titles and descriptions. 

Other options include paraphrasing and summarizing tools. And a feature for simplifying language. They work much like the ad and caption generator. You paste in your text and hit go. 

A recent addition is HypoDoc, which is like a speed reading tool for reports. You simply upload a PDF and then ask the AI questions about the content. There is also a HypoChat tool that works like ChatGPT. 

Hypotenuse Pros

  • Bulk generation for product descriptions
  • Ecommerce integration
  • AI generation Google and Facebook ads
  • Great research options.

Hypotenuse Cons

  • Fewer content templates than rival services.

Pricing starts at $15 a month for 20,000 words. There is a 7-day free trial.

Best for: Ecommerce businesses looking to scale their sales and marketing content production.

25. INK For All – Best for All-round SEO Content Creation

INK for all AI writing software

INK is an AI writing tool that combines SEO and text generation with 1M+ customers. According to INK, its SEO Optimizer is the only tool available that uses semantic intelligence. What does that mean? Again, according to INK, it claims its scoring is 5x better at predicting SERP rank than rivals. 

The SEO Optimizer is embedded right into INK’s AI text generators. So you always get a clear SEO score whether you paste in a document, type or generate. 

Ink for All AI writer interface

INK offers several options for generating content. In the AI Writer, you can simply write a headline or add keywords and hit compose. And then use the Rewrite tool to make changes bit by bit.  With the AI Assistant, you can provide written instructions for what you want to write. Or choose a use case template and fill in the details. These tend to focus on short-form content types.

For longer content, there are also workflow ‘recipes’ to guide you from planning to creation. Overall, there are 130+ templates and recipes combined.

Another stand-out tool is Content Shield. At a time when Google is starting to identify and penalise AI-generated content, this is a huge plus. Content Shield uses knowledge of Google’s algorithms to make sure content doesn’t come across as AI-created. And it checks for plagiarism, too.

INK Pros

  • High-quality SERP ranking prediction and scoring
  • 130+ content type templates and workflow recipes
  • No text generation limits
  • Content Shield protects against search penalties for AI content

INK Cons

  • Ink for All is an impressive platform, but it takes some time to get used to.

Pricing starts at $39 a month for unlimited text generation. There is a 7-day free trial.

Best for: SEO and content marketers looking for an all-round optimization and generation platform

26. AI-Writer – Best for Avoiding Plagiarism Pitfalls

AI-Writer software blog writing

One of the concerns people have about AI text generators is plagiarism. We know these tools work by scouring the internet for copy and rewriting it. But how good a job do they do on the rewriting part? 

A lot of AI text generators now advertise some kind of anti-plagiarism tool. But as any professional writer knows, there’s one surefire way to counter plagiarism accusations. And that’s to properly cite all of your sources.

This is the unique proposition AI-Writer offers. It specializes in generating long-form content. But it also includes a full reference list of where it got its information from. This lets you check the wording to make sure there are no straight copies. You can use the references as citations for full disclosure of your sources. And you can fact-check everything in the draft.

AI-Writer interface create content

The generator itself is as easy as it comes. It will run on a single prompt. Or you can use the AI Tailor feature to add a headline, keywords, sub-topics and structure. 

AI-Writer also offers a rewriting tool. This is more for rewording full texts than improving writing. It’s useful for reusing the same content without duplication penalties. 

AI-Writer Pros

  • Simple long-form content generation
  • Full citations for all sources used in generating copy
  • Rewording tool to avoid duplication
  • Follow-up topic suggestions.

AI-Writer Cons

  • SEO options are basic compared to other platforms.

Pricing starts at $29 per month for 40 articles with 5000 words per article. There is a 1-week free trial with articles capped at 600 words.

Best for: Avoiding plagiarism with professional citation standards.

27. ParagraphAI – Best for Free Text Generation

ParagraphAI ai software for writing

ParagraphAI has a very simple proposition. It’s an AI text generator that is free to use (up to 5x per day). ParagraphAI is one of the only ones of any quality that offers ‘free forever’ use.

ParagraphAI is available as a plug-in for Chrome, iOS and Android. Once installed, you get its tools anywhere you write. Word processors, emails, social posts, you name it. On mobile, the plug-in is called the ParagraphAI Keyboard’. It replaces the standard keyboard in whatever app you are in. Features include scanning messages, texts and posts and suggesting appropriate replies. And fixing your responses with AI-powered corrections.

The Chrome plug-in similarly includes a ‘Reply’ feature. Paste in an email, and the AI will generate a suggested response. It also offers one-step article generation. All you have to do is type out a prompt and the AI will write a draft for you. You can adjust tone and style to match different purposes.

There is also an ‘Improve’ feature. This automatically corrects spelling and grammar. But it will also re-write inputted text to suit different style and tone settings.

ParagraphAI Pros

  • Free forever AI text generation and writing assistance
  • Super easy to use
  • Mobile plug-in for one-touch messaging
  • Automatic text correction.

ParagraphAI Cons

  • While it’s free and easy to use, ParagraphAI lacks the more advanced features a lot of other AI writers have.

ParagraphAI’s free tier limits you to 5 uses per day. Priced plans start at $19.99 a month for unlimited use. There is a discount for students.

Best for: Free AI text generation and writing assistance.

What is an AI Writing Tool?

An AI writing tool is a piece of software that can create or adapt text. This kind of software uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyse ‘real’ texts written by people. And uses what it learns to write new, original texts. 

This can be applied to writing whole texts or parts of texts from scratch. Or for re-writing or suggesting improvements to existing texts. Broadly speaking, AI writing software tools can be put into 3 categories. Although there is a lot of crossover between them, many platforms offer more than one. The 3 categories are:

  • AI text generators
  • AI writing assistants
  • AI-powered SEO tools

How do AI writers work?

The term ‘AI writer’ is pretty vague. There are lots of different types of artificial intelligence. Calling something ‘AI’ doesn’t tell you much about how it works. So how exactly do AI writing tools work? 

AI writers fall under a category of artificial intelligence called Natural Language Processing, or NLP. NLP uses technology called Large Language Models (LLM). LLMs are algorithms that analyse how language works. They use a special form of Machine Learning called ‘Deep Learning’ to identify patterns of ‘real’ language use. And then generate text based on those patterns.

The ‘large’ part is important. The more real-life language examples the LLM is ‘trained’ on, the better it is at reproducing realistic text or speech.

The most famous LLM is OpenAI’s Generative Pre-trained Transformer or GPT model. It’s the LLM that powers most AI writers. It’s so successful because it’s also the largest LLM out there. The latest version, GPT-4, has reportedly ‘learnt’ 1.76 trillion language parameters. It has been said that this is the equivalent of reading every piece of text on the internet. 

Which AI writing tool is right for you?

Here are my final tips and recommendations to help you choose the best AI writing tool. First, decide on the type of AI writing tool that you need. Are you looking to generate content fast? Then prioritise text generation. Or are you looking to improve quality and accuracy? If so, a writing assistant may suit you better. And if SEO is a high priority, look for tools with keyword research and content planning. 

A lot of AI writing software mixes and matches tools of all 3 types. But you can still decide which are most important to you and pick accordingly. Then, pick a platform based on budget and functionality.

  • WriteSonic and Rytr are great for low-cost text generation. 
  • Frase adds solid SEO tools while still being affordable to small businesses.
  • Jasper is worth the extra investment if you want to generate ranking content reliably and at scale.
  • Surfer and Outranking are your best bets if SEO is your main concern.

Grammarly’s free text-checking tools are great for general text improvement. But for professional quality proofreading, you may want to go for ProWritingAid instead. Or if you are a creative writer, SudoWrite.

Here’s an overview of all 26 platforms:

AI Writing ToolsBest ForFree Plan/TrialStarting Price
JasperBusiness Content Creation at ScaleYes, 7 days$39/mo
WriteSonicAffordable CopywritingYes$12.67/mo
SurferSEO Writing SupportNo$69/mo
RytrAll-Round Text GenerationYes$9/mo
HubSpotCRM Platform with AI writingYes$20/mo
RewordAll-Round Writing AssistanceYes, 14 days$38/mo
SudoWriteCreative Writing SupportYes, 3 days$10/mo
GrowthbarEasy SEO BloggingYes, 14 days$29/mo
ScalenutSEO Tools Combined with AI Writing SupportYes, 7 days$20/mo
OutrankingSEO Content Strategy for TeamsYes, 7 days$59/mo
CopyAISimple, Quick Copywriting for TeamsYes$49/mo
FraseCreating Ranking Content on a BudgetNo$12.66/mo
DescribelyProduct descriptionsYes$9/mo
QuillBotSimple Writing Assistance on a BudgetYes$6.25/mo
AnywordBoosting Content PerformanceYes, 7 days$39/mo or $90/year
GrammarlyImproving Your Writing, for Free!Yes$12/mo
ProWritingAidProfessional Standard ProofreadingYes$20/mo or $80/year
ChatGPTAI-Powered ResearchYesFree
Chibi AIFlexible Writing SupportYes$9/mo
ClosersCopyNiche Marketing ContentNo$49.99/mo
NeuralTextSpeedy SEO Content CreationNo$19/mo
PeppercontentSEO content creation at scaleYes, 7 days$399/mo
Article ForgeCreating Long-Form ContentYes, 5 days$13/mo
HypotenuseScaling Short-Form ContentYes, 7 days$15/mo
Ink for AllAll-round SEO Content CreationYes, 7 days$39/mo
AI-WriterAvoiding Plagiarism PitfallsYes, 7 days$29/mo
ParagraphAIFree Text GenerationYes$19.99/mo

You can save time by hiring someone who already knows how to use an AI writer. Check out our review of the best freelance marketing websites with top talent. And if you need to create reports for your clients or your manager, find the top SEO reporting software in our review.

Best AI Writing Tools FAQ

Which AI writing tool is best?

The best AI writing tool depends on what you are looking for. There are hundreds of AI writing software platforms out there nowadays. They all have strengths and weaknesses.

You can group AI writing apps into 3 broad categories. AI text generators which create texts for you. AI writing assistants which correct and improve your writing. And AI SEO tools which help create ranking content. Start by deciding which of these functions matters most to you. Many platforms offer 2 or even all 3.

Range of features, cost, ease of use, writing limits and support for teams will all influence which platform is best for you. Our top picks are:

  • WriteSonic and Rytr are great for low-cost text generation. 
  • Frase has solid SEO tools while still being affordable to small businesses.
  • Jasper is a bit pricier tool to generate ranking content.
  • Surfer and Outranking are the best tools for search optimization.

Which AI tool helps in writing?

A lot of the best AI writing software is designed to support your own writing. Rather than generate text for you. Grammarly is the most famous example. Grammarly offers free spelling and grammar correction and basic improvement suggestions for clarity. On paid tiers, you get suggestions for improving fluency and engagement. And the GrammarlyGO tool rephrases or fills in gaps with AI-generated text.

Reword is a great AI writing assistant. It learns your style of writing over time and tailors suggestions accordingly. It’s also good for teams. ProWritingAid offers professional standard copywriting. QuillBot is a low-cost rewriting tool that paraphrases chunks of text to improve different aspects. 

Is AI writing free?

Yes, some AI writing software tools are free to use. The most famous example is ChatGPT. ChatGPT generates written responses to any question or prompt. It’s free to use and unlimited in terms of how much text it will generate. Another good example is ParagraphAI, which can be used on mobile to generate email and message responses. It’s also free to use.

In most cases, you find the quality of generated text better with paid platforms. Most AI writers have a free plan or trial you can test. The best AI copywriting tools you can test for free are Jasper, WriteSonic, Rytr, Reword, Growthbar, Scalenut, Outranking, and CopyAI.

Does Google penalize AI writing?

No, Google doesn’t currently penalize AI writing. Text created by an AI writer gets treated just the same as text written by a person in SERPs rankings. 

What matters is the quality and accuracy of writing. Where people can fall down is publishing AI-generated content without checking it. Like people, AI writers do get things wrong, they do make mistakes. It’s important to fact-check all AI-generated content. As well as check it makes sense and flows right.

Is Rytr free?

Yes, Rytr is free to start. It has a free plan to generate 10k characters a month. That includes using all of Rytr’s 40+ templates. You can use it to create a blog post, email content, product description, ad and web copy. You can also carry out SEO keyword research and generate content ideas and plans.

Is Jasper free?

Yes, Jasper has a 7-day free trial. You need to give your payment details to access 50+ templates, the document editor, commands, long-form assistant, translation, chat, and 2 outputs. After the 7 days, you can choose a plan. Pricing starts at $39 a month.

What is the best AI tool for writing essays?

The best AI tools for writing essays include Rytr and CopyAI. Both are popular and high-quality general text generators. They include templates for essays. So the text generated has the right academic tone and essay format.

Jasper is another great all-around text generator with essay options. Other tools to check out include QuillBot. It has AI research tools and will auto-generate citations. So will AI-Writer, although it doesn’t have specific templates for essays.

Is it illegal to use AI to write an essay?

No, it isn’t illegal to use AI tools to write an essay. But many education establishments don’t allow their use on plagiarism grounds. That’s because AI content writing tools find and analyse existing pieces of writing on a topic. And then rehash them in new words. Without proper references, AI-generated text can fall foul of plagiarism checks.

Many AI tools now include plagiarism detection features. This is to make sure the wording hasn’t been pulled straight from other sources. But even with these, many schools, colleges and universities still won’t accept AI-generated work. They want essays and papers to be student’s original work.
Using AI writing software assistants to check and improve your essays is a different thing. Check with your school or university what their policy on those is.

Is Grammarly an AI?

Yes, Grammarly is an AI. It’s best known as an advanced spelling and grammar checker. Most word processors include these tools, but they aren’t AI-based. 

Grammarly does a lot more. It includes advanced checking and improvement tools for fluency and engagement. These are AI-based. It also includes GrammarlyGO, a set of AI-based paraphrasing and writing tools for short sections of text.

About Paul Newham

Paul Newham is a content writer specialising in business blogging, report writing, software reviews, and online copywriting. He has 5+ years of email marketing, marketing automation and software review experience. He tested over 60 business software including email marketing tools, CRMs, outreach services, SMTP providers, email verification, and AI writing tools.
With a background in journalism and PR, he understands business content from both sides. And knows what makes for great, engaging copy, but also understands that for businesses, the written word is all about driving value.

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