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4 ghastly secrets no ESP ever wants you to know

Virtually all ESPs look like cool shiny new things when you first meet them. Until you peer behind the curtain to stare in the face of unthinkable, ...

I’ve been through email marketing automation hell so you won’t have to

Marketing automation is all the rage these days. But how straightforward and foolproof is it really? Can you just plug it in your online store, sit back and ...

Sure-fire ways to become a punchline when contacting email marketing companies

Email could very well be the best bang for your marketing buck. So you want to jump on the bandwagon right now. You’ve picked a handful of email marketing ...

Which email software do they use? Sniff out any ESP

If you love how a business or celebrity handles their digital and email marketing, you may just fall head over heels for the email marketing service they use ...

5 telltale signs an ESP will rip you off (just by glancing at their website)

So you’re looking for an ESP and someone tells you about a cool new kid on the block? Or perhaps an old bulletproof mainstay which you're not yet familiar ...

New email vendor? Expect your deliverability to plummet… at first

"I'm switching to another ESP. Will my deliverability improve or get worse?". Of course you are expecting your open/clickthrough rate to consistently improve ...

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