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Don’t look like a phisher – find the best ESP to help you

Cost cutting is top of mind for many companies and one way to easily cut costs in an organization is to stop sending paper. This means getting customers to ...

Are your emails set up correctly? 7 back-to-basic tips not to forget

Setting up and checking your email campaigns is one of the most important tasks in email marketing. I’m not talking about anything analytical, such as split ...

17 things to know about sending email with secure documents

I don’t need to preach the advantages of email, but it seems many of its clear advantages are not being utilised when it comes to communicating with customers ...

Maximizing email marketing opportunities with transactional email

With more and more emails being sent, companies are now looking for ways to remain relevant to their customers, while increasing ROI through clever cross-sell ...

Looking for an email supplier, but who writes the RFP?

Going out to do a Request For Proposal (RFP) to find the right email marketing software or service provider (ESP) is often a laborious process, with little ...

Why send out an RFP?

In a world full of choice, a Request for Proposal (RFP) seems like the perfect process to find that Email Service Provider to meet all your goals. Or is it? ...

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