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ZeroBounce is an online email validation system, for list cleaning and scrubbing.


Ispace Systems & Communications / BananaCloud is a french digital marketing agency that also does email marketing – strategy, campaign building, design, copy.


Quentn is a marketing communication tool which enables “big data” analysis for small and medium businesses. The tool offers solutions for publishing, data analysis, marketing and sales.

What type of email editor is good for you and why


In choosing the right email platform, it is worth to focus on the types of email template editor potential platform offers.

Find out how much control you have over the end message and if you’ll be able to effectively use your team’s skills to conduct email strategy you set for yourself.

How to Seamlessly Onboard With Your New ESP


Finding yourself in a situation that you need to switch to a new ESP is not uncommon for marketers. The way you and your new Email Service Provider approach onboarding will impact your entire sending program. So make sure to plan and execute the migration process right.

Put customer support first when choosing the right ESP


Choosing an email marketing vendor might seem like a daunting task. Products and roadmaps among well-established ESPs might start to look pretty much similar, because vendors like to blur the lines to come out full-featured. In an extreme case, you will find yourself ending up making a choice based predominantly on price. Wrong.