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Drill down on email campaign analytics before you choose a new ESP

If you’re an email marketer, you’re into analytics. You have to be. Email marketing offers up all kinds of data for analyzing, and it’s only by doing so that ...

Email marketing integration matters… Here is why.

What drives your business? A fundamental question, but often forgotten. Most businesses exist to ultimately generate a profit and sales is the most direct ...

Email Marketing Integration: the 4 points to start with

Maybe you are looking for the best email service provider there is for you, or your program has grown in complexity and you’re ready for more email integration ...

Make Usability Part of Your Email Service Providers Comparison

Why isn’t usability ranked higher among the factors to consider when searching for a new email service provider? In fact, why is there so little mention of it? ...

Switching ESPs? What to Expect…and What to Deliver

You’ve gone and done it now. You’ve decided a new email service provider is in order and made the decision. All of that was a lot of work, but the real work ...

6 Signs it is time for a new Email Service Provider

As your business grows and changes, your email marketing needs change too, and your ESP needs to keep pace…or get replaced. Businesses tend to switch ESPs ...

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