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Will Your Marketing Technology Pass the “Shiny Things” Test?

Recently, I wrote about avoiding the distractions of “shiny things” when choosing a new email service provider. After posting the article some people contacted ...

Tips to Avoid “Shiny New Things Syndrome” When Choosing a New ESP

As email service providers (ESPs) continue to evolve, new, advanced ESP features are continuously being released. However it isn’t funny if these get in the ...

Marketing Automation vs. Email Marketing Software: Which Is Right for Your Business?

Although marketing automation solutions are more commonplace today, many marketers are still unsure how they differ from email service providers—and which will ...

The Benefits and Challenges of Running an Email Marketing RFP

The RFP. The Request for Proposal. The standard and most-often used way to begin the process of finding an email service provider, either to replace an ...

How Long Will It Take To Implement A New ESP?

How long will it take to implement your new email service provider? There are plenty of variables. Are you starting with an ESP after doing email marketing ...

The Internal Sales Job: Get the Buy-In When Selecting a New ESP

It might be time for a new email service provider (ESP), either because you’ve outgrown one or you’re tired of one. If so, that means it’s also time for a ...

21 Questions to Evaluate Even The Best Email Service Providers And See If They Are “the One”

Even with all the work invested in looking at the best email service providers and choosing the one right for you, simply starting with—or sticking with—an ESP ...

How to Find a Trustworthy Vendor for ESP Customization

If you’re doing enterprise email marketing or email that is in some other way complex--maybe highly segmented for example--you might find that your ESP can’t ...

Should Relational Database Support Be One of Your Criteria When Choosing an ESP?

If you’re doing an email service provider comparison, you might have noticed ESPs tend to fall into three categories: those for SMBs, the mid market, and the ...

Migrating to a new ESP: what to move and how

If you thought choosing the new email service provider was a daunting task, now you’re on to the next one, which might be just as daunting: Making the switch. ...

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