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5 Things you need to know beyond what the ESP’s salespeople tell you

When you’re looking for a new ESP, you’re going to have to ask some hard questions in order to find the best fit, even if you don’t want to. However, if you ...

Why The Best ESP Might Not Be an ESP

The best email service provider for your business might not be an ESP. It might that be an agency, consultant or VAR (Value Added Reseller) can serve you ...

Crawl, Walk, Run and Start Sending Hyper Personalized Email

I don't need to tell you personalization is imperative, nor that personalization no longer means using "dear ", right? Today, personalization means right ...

5 Steps to Start Fresh With a New Email Marketing Provider

The decision has been made to switch to a new Email Marketing Provider. Maybe you’re still looking for the new ESP or maybe you’ve signed the contract and the ...

When you need an RFP to find your email service provider…and when you don’t

For some organizations, RFPs are the only reliable way to search for a new email service provider. For others, RFPs can be complicated, costly and of ...

Signs Your ESP Is Having Performance Issues

You know how it is… Things are going along smoothly in your ESP relationship, but little by little, it’s getting a tad bit bumpy. A small glitch here, a tiny ...

How to Take Testing Into Account When Evaluating ESPs

As a part of the work we do with organizations to help them choose the best email service provider (ESP). Email marketers regularly ask, “What do I need to ...

Comparing ESPs? Forget Apples to Apples—Do This Instead

Comparing email service providers can be a little bit like shopping for a new car when you don’t have a certain make and model in mind. Buying a “car” can mean ...

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