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Choosing the Best Email Marketing Solution for your Franchise or Retail Chain

Email marketing has one of the best Return on Investments for franchises. Every franchise business has unique requirements when it comes to email marketing ...

How to Optimize the RFP Process, Without Losing Your Head

Many marketers dread the RFP; often, so do the vendors, Does it have to be that bad? There are ways to hate the RFP less, both on the client side and the ...

8 Ways to Save Money When Buying Email Marketing Software

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Empowered Email Marketing Software Buying, 7 Tips

We’re dealing with an odd gap in the email service provider (ESP) industry these days because buyers are reluctant to open up about what they really need. I ...

Choosing Features Over Support? Good Bye, ROI!

You know customer support is important when choosing an Email Service Provider (ESP), to ensure you get the service you expect (and you’re paying for). But do ...

Canned demos don’t work, do this instead

As you work your way through the buying process when choosing a new email vendor or ESP, you will get to the point where you want to see the platform live: the ...

Choosing an ESP; You Get What You Pay for—so Pay for More

I often see businesses choosing email service providers (ESPs) based largely on price. Later, they discover that ESP wasn’t so cheap after all, for various ...

5 Things you need to know beyond what the ESP’s salespeople tell you

When you’re looking for a new ESP, you’re going to have to ask some hard questions in order to find the best fit, even if you don’t want to. However, if you ...

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