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Why a Customer Data Platform (CDP) Will Be the Next Evolution of Your Marketing Automation

Data continues to be the absolute bedrock of good email marketing. The role of the ESP had to change to keep pace with the modern digital world, so we moved to ...

What makes a good, better, best Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

In a recent post, I talked about the Customer Data Platform (CDP) as the natural evolution from Marketing Automation. Several people asked what a good CDP ...

Demands on MarTech support are changing radically, can you keep up?

The role of people in marketing is changing radically and email vendors need to react to the changing needs of companies. Traditional support like account ...

Going from an email marketing database to marketing automation

So we’ve got the real-time email marketing database in place, but don’t be fooled to think that’s the whole answer; it’s what you do with the data that sets ...

Real-time databases: a must for insightful Marketing Automation

Many email marketers have been looking to make their email marketing programs more effective, easier and more time efficient. Marketing automation seems to ...

Choosing a behavioral email provider: 7 critical questions you didn't think about.

In the last article was all about Choosing the right behavioral email service for your business when planning to invest in behavioral email. This time we focus ...

Choosing the right behavioral email service for your business

Nowadays, most ESPs claim to run some form of behavioral/event-triggered email service. For any company looking to invest in this type of activity, finding the ...

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