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Will cloud based email Infrastructure replace on-premise MTAs?

Cloud-based interest in email infrastructure is trending up. Will on-premise be totally replaced in the future? The statistics are certainly in line with ...

Now Five ESPs in Play for M&A activity in the next 12 months

IBM purchased SiliverPop recently for an undisclosed amount of cash. With annual revs hovering close to 100M for Silverpop, slightly more in 2014, I wouldnt be ...

Email Service Providers versus On-Premise email Solutions

Recently a great discussion arose in a noted LinkedIn group called Email Geeks about the potential benefits of an on-premise email solution, as opposed to a ...

Challenges and benefits of ESP forums

Forums are discussion boards, that enable members of a site to interact with each other by exchanging knowledge and discussing hot topics related to specific ...

3 reasons why senders divorce Email Service Providers

Usually, before a couple marries, they engage in hundreds of intimate, layered conversations, in an effort to establish realistic expectations and build a ...

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