Biggest research on Email Marketing Software ever released

It is official, the first edition of the Email Marketing Software Buyer’s Guide is now released. The report, written by an all-star team of 4 International marketing technology experts, is the most comprehensive report on email and marketing automation software to date.

The guide has an analysis of capabilities (services / product features) and vendor profiles; to help marketers evaluate and pick the right-fit Email Marketing Software or Marketing automation solution through our buyer’s guide.

It is a buyer’s market

Jordie van Rijn of emailmonday, co-author of the report: “The email marketing channel is mature. 9 out of 10 marketers perceive email marketing as a channel of importance to great strategic importance for achieving business goals. The right expertise, services and tools is where the competitive differences are made. And there are big differences from vendor to vendor, as the study shows.”

Market overview

After collecting the data on features and services of 111 email marketing and Marketing automation solutions, it became apparent that the researchers were also the first to meaningfully show the state of the vendor market and include industry statistics. Intended for brands looking to purchase email and automation software, now there is a lot of interest from industry analysts and agencies too.

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A different approach to Email Marketing Software selection

Nothing beats a personal guidance in a selection process and every step you can speed up, make easier and leads to a better decision is a win.

You can’t look at others if you want to make something new, still industry insiders might be wondering what is different about this guide compared to others. It is simple: Transparent, affordable and based on what professionals want.

  • Multi-author and industry specialist team reviewed content and data
  • Objective: definitely not pay-to-play; all relevant vendors are invited personally and no donation required to participate.
  • Affordable pricing; we want you to actually buy and use the guide
  • Small, mid-market and enterprise solutions included
  • What marketers also want: In-software screenshots and pricing information

14 topics and 400 datapoints

The guide aims to be the ideal starting point for selecting Email Marketing or Marketing Automation software vendors. It has 400 datapoints per vendor and covers the 14 most important topics for selections.


You can order the guide on the email and marketing automation software buyers guide page.

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    International research team

    The guide is composed by four international experts that guide ESP and Marketing automation selections themselves. Drawing on their practical first-hand experience in the field.

    Bruno Florence, Jordie van Rijn, Gabriele Braun and Torsten Schwarz.

    Together with secondary team of multi-vendor agency, industry consultants and end-users who reviewed the analysis.

    More information about the guide can be found on the The Email Marketing Software Buyer’s Guide page.

    Jordie van Rijn

    About Jordie van Rijn

    Jordie van Rijn is an independent email marketing consultant and Analyst. He is the Founder of Email Vendor Selection and specializes in smart email marketing, optimisation and RFP / vendor selection. Named one of "50 Online Marketing Influencers to Watch " by Entrepreneur magazine.

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