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Will it be email marketing or do you just want to get the email out?


What all Email Service Providers (ESPs) have in common is that they deliver email. Wonderful, I can choose any ESP and get the same result. Wrong! Email marketing has been the online marketing workhorse for a while, but with the ever expanding digital channels you need to make sure your ESP is staying ahead of [...]

The true costs of switching email marketing tools

We don’t switch email marketing tools daily. Email marketers don’t change suppliers because they think it will be fun to do. But there are enough reasons to switch from one email marketing tool to another. One thing often overlooked is the true costs of the switch. We take a look. Switching Email marketing tools What [...]

Switching ESPs? Use these key deliverability tactics

So you’ve chosen your new ESP and now you need to make the move but maintain and preferably improve your inbox placement at the same time. The safest way to move between ESPs is to actually run two at the same time for at least month. You can in fact do this for longer if [...]

A partner for your email newsletters?


More and more organizations are seeing the possibilities email marketing could bring to them. There are several ways to get started with email newsletters or to further professionalize your email marketing. Meanwhile, there is a worldwide market with specialists who create and more importantly deliver email messages. Can you send email marketing messages without a [...]

4 steps to choose the right email marketing software

Choosing an Email Service Provider (ESP) can be difficult. Very difficult if email marketing is new to you or your company. There are tons of questions to ask, tons of features to research, and then there’s just simply trying the product to see if it’s even enjoyable to use. For some there’s integration questions around [...]

The cheap Email Service Provider model [updated]

Email service providers have found a new way to acquire customers in the small business category by giving them a free taste. The “freemium” model, as it’s called, provides small businesses with free versions of an ESP’s services. The hope is that they will eventually become paying customers. Small business owner who doesn’t have time [...]

Is your email marketing vendor reliable?

reliable email marketing tool vendor

In today’s networked economy, a suppliers’ hiccup can leave you with the broken pieces of well intended customer contact. But it is hard to get a feel for the reliability of an email marketing vendor when you haven’t worked with them before. Why is the reliability of an email marketing vendor so important?

Terms you should know when selecting an email tool

When selecting an email marketing tool for the first time, email marketers are confronted with a lot of different terms, acronyms and new jargon. All kinds of features, functions and services you might have never heard of and which are important in the selection process.

What to expect from your ESP

Choosing an ESP is more difficult if you don’t know what to expect from them. Maybe you are thinking about in-house or outsource solutions, and you have some specific issues that are troubling you. So what can a client expect from their newfound email service provider (ESP)? Here’s is a short list of things you [...]