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emfluence’s Workflows, a step towards full automation

Emfluence has created a new workflow tool, in which marketers can use a drag-and-drop canvas editor to visually plan and lay out their marketing campaign flows. They can choose their existing automated emails and groups and view how their campaign will flow on a large canvas.

Email service provider (ESP)

What is an Email Service Provider (ESP)? To marketers, an email service provider (ESP) is a company that offers email services. Because email (marketing) services come in shapes and sizes, that is a pretty broad definition. Luckily, we can break this down into several categories.

The Shift To Solid Cross Channel Campaign Management (CCCM)

cross channel campaign management

Data-based marketing has evolved tremendously over the last decade. A wave of new channels and technologies today require marketers to manage a new and vastly more complex set of skills to communicate properly with the consumer. Ideally your company has a customer contact strategy that’s implemented and applied across the business. Below is our vision […]