Is Your Email Marketing Software a Tool or a Gadget?


Email Service Providers offer a multitude of features such as reporting tools, testing tools, preview functionalities and more integrations than you could possibly need.

As an email marketer, you have to ask yourself: “Are these essential for my business?”

How To Pick a Platform That Drives a Uniform Customer Experience


An aligned customer-centric marketing strategy is no longer a luxury, it is a must. Remarkable communication and an aligned customer experience takes effort and asks for the right tools.

What should Marketers, CMOs and CTOs demand from a capable marketing software platform?

Analytics most popular upgrade of Marketing Automation Software


With the latest release of my B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST), I dived into data in search for additional things to share about it.
Comparing results over time offers still deeper insight into how vendors react to marketers’ requirements. Finding clever insights on demand is tough, but luckily rolling around in industry data makes me as happy as a pig in mud…

Forrester Wave Email Marketing Vendors 2014 – everything you need to know


Forrester Research just released an update on its Forrester Wave Email Marketing Vendors report Q3 2014. This report is meant to give an overview of how the email service providers rank in relation to each other.

The Wave itself places the email service providers in 4 categories based on their current Offering and Strategy.

21 Questions to Evaluate Even The Best Email Service Providers And See If They Are “the One”


Even with all the work invested in looking at the best email service providers and choosing the one right for you, simply starting with—or sticking with—an ESP doesn’t guarantee success.

As with any relationship, personal or professional, things are bound to change. Is your current ESP still one of the best email service providers, are they still “the one”?

Make more out of your email data, look for the right marketing automation tool


When looking for the best email marketing software for your unique needs, it is essential to create a list of features and functionality that you cannot do without.

Most modern marketers need an email tool that lets you dig deep into your data and use it to reach out to customers more effectively. Email marketing automation and autoresponder features can help you use data to build stronger connections with your customers.

ESP and Agency Hybrid: The best of both worlds or an organizational nightmare?


Despite software platforms getting easier to use, many companies still rely partly or entirely on third parties for services. We’ve looked at the strengths and weaknesses of ESPs for services and agencies as email marketing services providers. If neither the ESP nor the agency solutions sound appealing there is another option. Go hybrid.

How businesses choose Marketing Automation Platforms [research]


Marketing Automation software previously might have been synonymous with email automation, but they are steadily becoming both more sophisticated platforms also offering wider functionality.

Which of these Marketing Automation functions are valued as most important criteria in selection of the Marketing Automation software?

How to Find a Trustworthy Vendor for ESP Customization


If you’re doing enterprise email marketing or email that is in some other way complex–maybe highly segmented for example–you might find that your ESP can’t quite do everything you need.

Your next step then is an ESP customization, but such an endeavor is not for the lighthearted!

5 signs you are getting the Best Email Newsletter Tool


Finding the best email newsletter tool is vital to gaining the most interest in your business easily. Through email marketing your clientele know what’s on offer, what’s new and most importantly – gets them interested.

Without interest there is no sale, so if your tools allow you to nail that in the best way possible, you are with the right partner.

Of course your ultimate tool also depends on your own email marketing requirements. But where do you start and what do you look for in the best email newsletter tools?