Tips to Avoid “Shiny New Things Syndrome” When Choosing a New ESP


As email service providers (ESPs) continue to evolve, new, advanced ESP features are continuously being released. However it isn’t funny if these get in the way of making a sound ESP choice because folks get distracted by the shiny things, losing focus on the things that matter.

The SMB Marketing Automation Checklist for Software Selection

smb marketing automation checklist

Despite this growth and popularity of Marketing automation, many businesses are still unable to fully implement it.

We’ve distilled the key ingredients for Small to Medium Businesses into a simple SMB Marketing Automation Checklist. You can use it to design your own RFP and save yourself the time, expense and frustration from selecting the wrong platform.

8 Best Practices for Purchasing Marketing Automation Technology

purchasing marketing automation technology

When shopping for marketing automation technology, many marketing teams dive into the vendor selection process because they’re trying to fix a big problem in their current process or to set the stage for rapid expansion.

But before choosing a marketing solution, it’s important to do more than define the problem or outline the overarching goal.

Email marketing automation in 6 steps


Email marketing automation can be used in every stage of the marketing and sales process. It provides support with demand generation, sales and in retaining existing customers. After selecting your new email or marketing automation vendor comes the implementation. Find out how you can continuously refine your campaigns and increase conversion in 6 steps.

Teaching Yourself to Fish With Usable Email Analytics Tools


When evaluating email service providers, marketers should also be evaluating the email reporting capabilities of the platform and how well it does—or doesn’t—meet their analytics needs.

Analytics are necessary to measure the success of any email program that intends to grow ROI measured in dollars, impressions, reach, eyeballs and engagement. That is why evaluating the reporting suite of an ESP is critical.

How many Email Service Providers should we invite?

how many esps to invite

“How many Email Service Providers (ESPs) should we invite to pitch?”. It is a simple question that pops up every time a marketer is selecting an email service provider or vendor.

It is an issue because the marketer wants the best Email service provider but doesn’t want to take too long selecting one. So how many Email service providers should you invite to pitch?

Sure-fire ways to become a punchline when contacting email marketing companies


Email could very well be the best bang for your marketing buck. So you want to jump on the bandwagon right now. You’ve picked a handful of email marketing companies. You’re just about ready to drop them a line. Wait, hold on, which questions should you never ever ask? Which will unknowingly make a joke out of you?

Let’s find out!

Announcing the Email Marketing Software Buyer’s Guide 2015 – 2016


We are pretty excited to announce the new Email Marketing Software Selection Guide that is planned for release Q2. Behind the scenes we were preparing for a while, the invitations go out to the email marketing and Marketing Automation vendors this month.

The guide has an analysis of capabilities (services / product features) and vendor profiles;

How to Evaluate Email Service Providers on Their API


Comparing email service providers based on their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) is like comparing a Thai restaurant to an Italian one: It’s not a straightforward comparison. It depends less on the ESP and what their API offers, and more on what you prefer, like Pad Thai to Spaghetti alla Puttanesca. Both dishes involve noodles, but that’s where the similarity ends, and choosing between them means looking beyond the noodles. This is true of APIs too.

What Is Marketing Automation And What Does It Yield?

marketing automation success

Email has proven to be the most successful online marketing instrument. But sending emails will only get you so far. Customers will force 1-on-1 communication: as a marketer you will have to engage in dialogue in order to optimise conversion.
Many marketers are looking towards Email Marketing Automation software, but what does marketing automation entail and yield?