Machine Learning & the 4 Levers to Next Generation Email Marketing From the Start


The big challenge for email marketers is to systematically improve financial performance and customer engagement.
Smart marketers are now focussing on several next-generation levers for performance improvement: the more you pull these levers, the greater the rewards. But how do these look, and how does that translate to my RFP?

How to Take Testing Into Account When Evaluating ESPs


As a part of the work we do with organizations to help them choose the best email service provider (ESP). Email marketers regularly ask, “What do I need to look for in an ESP if I want to really delve into testing and optimization?”

This is one of those questions with a two-part answer…kind of like A/B testing, I guess. It’s a question I anticipate hearing with greater frequency. Marketers want to know what is or isn’t working, as email evolves into a sophisticated tool and key component of omni-channel marketing.

The elements of a successful B2B Marketing Stack


A Marketing stack is the collection of marketing technologies used by a company to achieve its marketing objectives.

The topic is becoming a big deal as the number of technologies available to marketers increases as does the proportion of the tech budget that marketers are in control of.

6 Things Your Boss Wants to Know Before Buying Marketing Automation


Imagine that you are the boss in a successful e-commerce company. Your sales are OK, but there is room for improvement. Your head of marketing thinks he is a Guru of Email Marketing, and email marketing does work for you, but you want more. You want your business to grow.

50 tools you should have in your Email Marketing Toolbox.


Over the years an amazing variety of tools has emerged to help email marketers do their jobs better, whether it helps them write better content and subject lines, test their emails to make sure they look right, automate their messaging and even run their entire programs.

5 people you should meet at your ESP before signing on


During any sales process, the people selling to you can largely impact your final decision. However, during the process of choosing a new ESP, the person selling to you is rarely the person who’ll be delivering what you’ve bought.
Having a good relationship with sales is all well and good, but once the contract is signed, you’re likely to be handed over to other teams. That’s why meeting the people who you’ll actually be working with is really important.

You’ve Selected an Email Service Provider—Now What?


There’s no question that selecting the right email service provider (ESP) for your company is a major decision. But finding the Email service provider is only the first step in launching successful email marketing campaigns. In fact, the questions you ask—or don’t ask—your vendor after signing on the dotted line can determine how successful your email efforts will be.

How to select the ESP with the best email segmentation module


Choosing an Email provider is not an easy task. There are hundreds of email marketing tools and apart from few exceptions, they all seem to look quite the same.

A journey through the email software world usually starts with sketching the list of features you need for running email marketing campaigns. If segmentation is somewhere at the top of the list you prepared, here is a guide on how to select the best one.

Compare these email editors for designing responsive emails


Most email service providers on the market today will have an email editor for creating email campaigns, but few offer what an email marketer truly needs.

You should pick your email editing tool carefully. A drag and drop editor is definitely your best choice today. How to compare the best responsive email editors?

5 Signs Your ESP Is no Longer Your Valentine…and 1 Thing You Can Do About It


As an email marketer, one of the most important relationships you’ll have is the one you have with your email service provider, or ESP. This is becoming even more true as ESPs evolve into sophisticated marketing platforms, or become integrated with other platforms for omnichannel marketing.