5 Signs Your ESP Is no Longer Your Valentine…and 1 Thing You Can Do About It


As an email marketer, one of the most important relationships you’ll have is the one you have with your email service provider, or ESP. This is becoming even more true as ESPs evolve into sophisticated marketing platforms, or become integrated with other platforms for omnichannel marketing.

Experts: These 8 MarTech developments are bound to make your life better


In part two of the future of marketing software we asked our panel of experts what development in email marketing and marketing automation tools is going to make the life of the marketer easier in the year ahead.

As well as their big wish (either realistic or not) for marketers in 2016. What would you love to see happen in #MarTech in 2016?

The Why and How of Outsourcing Marketing Automation Services


Every business faces challenges with keeping its sales and marketing processes flowing. The right service provider can help address that immediate problem and add corporate value.

So it is smart to consider outsourcing marketing automation services. But what can you expect from them and how to get started?

Read on to understand how to pick and get started with an marketing automation services team.

Experts reveil the future of email marketing and marketing automation


What will be the most interesting developments and trends in the coming years? We asked industry experts for their views on the future of Email Marketing & Marketing Automation.

As Marketing and technology forward with leaps and bounds, we see the outlines of how technologies could turn into profits and growth as well as the challenges that are looming in that same space.

When Should You Outsource Your Email Marketing?


Most marketers see the value in email marketing, but if you’ve never done it before, you may have some trouble figuring out how to get started, or who should do the work.

With the right software, email marketing isn’t necessarily difficult for most organizations. Some businesses invest in a specialized email software provider to help execute digital marketing campaigns. Every business has different needs, begging the question ‘should you outsource or do your own email marketing?’

How email marketing automation provides value in the B2B lead process


Most marketers have a good feeling for the area of email marketing and it’s possibilities. Zooming in on the B2B lead process, the possibilities on marketing automation side are less well known and even less often fully utilized.

This is a big loss, because automated marketing campaigns are just as important for providing value and day to day marketing ROI.

4 ghastly secrets no ESP ever wants you to know


Virtually all ESPs look like cool shiny new things when you first meet them. Until you peer behind the curtain to stare in the face of unthinkable, bloodcurdling horror!

Join me in finding some of the skeletons in the cupboard of your favourite email vendor. Here are 4 ghastly secrets no ESP ever wants you to know.

The Data Dance: Put all That Data to Work for Smarter Marketing


Data. You know you need it — a lot of it. But once you’ve got it, then what? What are you supposed to do with it, and how? And what role does your email vendor play in making all of this happen?

If you are taking the first steps or ready to go beyond with use of your data, this is of influence to your complete email marketing or automation program. Here’s how to get started.

How to justify the investment in new email technology [video]


Marketers these days must be able to show returns and justify the investment in new email technology. At the MarketingSherpa summit Diana Primeau, Director of Member Services, CNET, gave a presentation during the Email Summit 2015 technology panel.

During her presentation, she spoke about how, in order to justify your investment in new technology, a Need must be identified and clearly presented.

Selecting an email services partner: Why ESPs view services as a necessary evil


It’s widely recognized that email marketing teams are under resourced. The result is that many companies still rely partly or entirely on third parties for services, despite software platforms getting easier to use.

This makes services an important component of the email marketing vendor selection process.