The future of email marketing and the email marketing eco system


What can we expect to see in the Future of email marketing? Everybody is eager to know what will be the changes that lie ahead at the junction of email software systems, suppliers, agencies, marketers and of course the client.

Our panel of email marketing experts share their thoughts about the trends in email marketing software eco-system and ESP functions. What are the most important or new features in email marketing software? Here are the insights these professionals shared:

The Iceberg Effect – How to compare ESP pricing


You are in the middle of choosing a new ESP and have narrowed your list down to a few – the ESP shortlist. They all seem to provide great service and good value for money – or do they? When considering the deals on the table do you know what the full costs are? Or have you only seen the tip of the iceberg, with many extra costs lurking beneath the surface?

New email vendor? Expect your deliverability to plummet… at first


“I’m switching to another ESP. Will my deliverability improve or get worse?”. Of course you are expecting your open/clickthrough rate to consistently improve with the new ESP… but you’re still in for quite a shock, as deliverability tends to drop off in your first few mailings.

The application layer, the source of email marketing innovation in e-commerce


What’s next in email marketing? What technology does a modern marketer need in the Amazon dominated world of e-commerce?

The rules of the game are changing rapidly in e-commerce. The technologies facilitating these changes are disproportionately found in the application layer.

5 bullet dodging tips for your marketing software RFP – directly from my experience


In my years in IT, I’ve discovered a set number of issues that tend to pop up when it comes to writing an RFP (Request for Proposal) across many industries.

The RFP (Request for Proposal) is in its’ essence a guide to various parties whom you might invite to provide you with a new service or system for your business. Here are the things i have picked up to consider before getting started.

Things you still need to worry about when you enlist a full-service ESP


When searching for an email vendor, one of the bigger decisions is whether to go with a full-service or self-serve solution.

A good full-service ESP can be like an extension of your in-house marketing team, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing left to worry about!

Email marketing integration matters… Here is why.


What drives your business? A fundamental question, but often forgotten. Most businesses exist to ultimately generate a profit and sales is the most direct driver of that profit.

Yet there is a way to get a higher return from your marketing and sales. Let’s look at the importance of email marketing integration.

Emailvision rebrands to SmartFocus


This week the company known as Emailvision announced her new name. One we thought was lost; SmartFocus.

Brad Wilson the CEO of SmartFocus (in picture) noted in the press release: “…the name Emailvision no longer reflects the wide range of ways that we help our customers”.

How to craft a future-proof RFP


I have spent the better part of the last 15 years working in the email marketing space, selling technology to world-class companies. During that time I have participated in hundreds of RFPs.

I have always been amazed at how some organizations aren’t thinking about the future when considering new vendors. Why is this and how can you do a better job?

A Low Cost SMTP vs. a Full Featured ESP: Which Should I Choose?


The email marketing world is full of open-ended questions. How should I phrase a subject line? What’s the best time of day to send out an email? What kind of deals are best-received?

Serious emailers ask themselves these questions and test to find the answers. But there is another type of question, one that can’t easily be answered by testing.