Using Your Email Software to Create a Data-driven Strategy


While marketers are great at collecting massive amounts of data, it is hard to turn this information into effective campaigns. Email marketers are not data analysts, but go tell that to the CMO. They need to crunch numbers in real time to stay competitive. When selecting an ESP, marketers should look for a provider that has accessible data. But what does that mean?

5 ways to pick an Email service provider without an RFP


An ESP may look good on paper and have the right technology, but whether or not you’re going to work harmoniously together is another matter.

The Request for Proposal definitely has its place – it can be really valuable when assessing whether or not an ESP ticks the right boxes for your business. Here are some alternative methods to assess compatibility with any potential ESPs, which can be used during the selection process whether or not it involves an RFP.

Signs Your ESP Is Having Performance Issues


You know how it is… Things are going along smoothly in your ESP relationship, but little by little, it’s getting a tad bit bumpy. A small glitch here, a tiny hang up here, and soon enough, the tactical side of your email marketing program is harder than it used to be.

The ESP platform has seemingly grown clunky, or maybe your team has. And that might leave you asking yourself, “What’s changed? Does the new guy not know the interface the way he should? Is my team slacking off? Are we doing something wrong?”

How email automation is the way forward for your business


We’ve all attended conferences, workshops, and online discussions, which focus on improving customer retention, boosting engagement, and getting those all-important recurring sales.

We’re told the importance of the customer journey; that we must be more relevant; that by being more relevant and improving the journey, we’ll increase customer engagement; that this is the key to our future business success… but what the majority of these seminars fail to cover, is HOW. Marketing Automation is the how.

What is the cheapest ESP? Don’t fall for the cheap trap


Whether you are just branching out into email marketing, or you are considering changing your email service provider, there’s always a number of factors to take into consideration. One of the pitfalls in selection is falling into the “cheap trap”. Choosing the cheapest ESP vendor, one that looks cheap, but turns out to be quite expensive.

Single, Multiple, or Homegrown ESP? What Your Choice Says about Your Email Program


The number of email service providers a brand uses to send its emails reveals a lot about their email program—how sophisticated it is, the size of their email team, and much more.

Whether they use a homegrown email platform is equally revealing.

Machine Learning & the 4 Levers to Next Generation Email Marketing From the Start


The big challenge for email marketers is to systematically improve financial performance and customer engagement.
Smart marketers are now focussing on several next-generation levers for performance improvement: the more you pull these levers, the greater the rewards. But how do these look, and how does that translate to my RFP?

How to Take Testing Into Account When Evaluating ESPs


As a part of the work we do with organizations to help them choose the best email service provider (ESP). Email marketers regularly ask, “What do I need to look for in an ESP if I want to really delve into testing and optimization?”

This is one of those questions with a two-part answer…kind of like A/B testing, I guess. It’s a question I anticipate hearing with greater frequency. Marketers want to know what is or isn’t working, as email evolves into a sophisticated tool and key component of omni-channel marketing.

The elements of a successful B2B Marketing Stack


A Marketing stack is the collection of marketing technologies used by a company to achieve its marketing objectives.

The topic is becoming a big deal as the number of technologies available to marketers increases as does the proportion of the tech budget that marketers are in control of.

6 Things Your Boss Wants to Know Before Buying Marketing Automation


Imagine that you are the boss in a successful e-commerce company. Your sales are OK, but there is room for improvement. Your head of marketing thinks he is a Guru of Email Marketing, and email marketing does work for you, but you want more. You want your business to grow.