The top 4 topics to review with your ESP and drive results


If you’ve been with your ESP for a while, it’s possible that the relationship has gotten…comfortable. You used to talk about deeper subjects, but now it’s all the day-to-day grind of campaigning, making and sending emails. Sound familiar?

If so, it is wise to schedule some time with your ESP and reconnect on that more impactful level that you used to.

When you need an RFP to find your email service provider…and when you don’t


For some organizations, RFPs are the only reliable way to search for a new email service provider. For others, RFPs can be complicated, costly and of questionable value. Should you use an RFP to find your new vendor?

How are you facing the challenge of choosing a new email service provider?  Here are the reasons to use an RFP… or not.

Talking deliverability with your next Email Service Provider

happy email marketing inboxes

When trying to find the right email marketing software, we often look at a platform’s feature set, but we should also pay particular attention to a vendor’s level of expertise. This is where a vendor can prove their weight in gold.

Deliverability is one of those areas that is critical, but often overlooked or misunderstood.

Industry expertise: Does your ESP need to be up in your industry?


As an email marketer, you are trying to make the most of the possibilities of your existing Email Marketing software, regardless if you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro.

To do this it is inevitably important that you know your ESP’s capabilities, but is it important that your ESP knows you? Is industry expertise necessary?

Forrester Wave Email Marketing vendors 2016 – our analysis

forrester wave email marketing vendors

Updated: 29-10-2016
Forrester Research just released their latest version of the Forrester Wave Email Marketing Email Marketing Service Providers report Q3 2016. The report gives an overview of how participating email service providers in the Enterprise segment for B2C Marketers rank compared to each other.

Changing of ESP? This is how to avoid disaster


There are quite some factors that have an influence on whether a marketer would want to change their ESP. It can be due diligence (such as looking for better pricing) or out of need (such as deliverability problems).

In all cases, changing an ESP is something one should care about and be well prepared for.

Using Your Email Software to Create a Data-driven Strategy


While marketers are great at collecting massive amounts of data, it is hard to turn this information into effective campaigns. Email marketers are not data analysts, but go tell that to the CMO. They need to crunch numbers in real time to stay competitive. When selecting an ESP, marketers should look for a provider that has accessible data. But what does that mean?

5 ways to pick an Email service provider without an RFP


An ESP may look good on paper and have the right technology, but whether or not you’re going to work harmoniously together is another matter.

The Request for Proposal definitely has its place – it can be really valuable when assessing whether or not an ESP ticks the right boxes for your business. Here are some alternative methods to assess compatibility with any potential ESPs, which can be used during the selection process whether or not it involves an RFP.

Signs Your ESP Is Having Performance Issues


You know how it is… Things are going along smoothly in your ESP relationship, but little by little, it’s getting a tad bit bumpy. A small glitch here, a tiny hang up here, and soon enough, the tactical side of your email marketing program is harder than it used to be.

The ESP platform has seemingly grown clunky, or maybe your team has. And that might leave you asking yourself, “What’s changed? Does the new guy not know the interface the way he should? Is my team slacking off? Are we doing something wrong?”

How email automation is the way forward for your business


We’ve all attended conferences, workshops, and online discussions, which focus on improving customer retention, boosting engagement, and getting those all-important recurring sales.

We’re told the importance of the customer journey; that we must be more relevant; that by being more relevant and improving the journey, we’ll increase customer engagement; that this is the key to our future business success… but what the majority of these seminars fail to cover, is HOW. Marketing Automation is the how.