17 Questions to Ask to Find the Best Recommendation Engine


If you’re reading this article, you’re either intrigued or already seriously looking to find the best Recommendation Engine for your email marketing program.

To properly evaluate recommendation technology for your business, below you’ll find a list of the criteria you should keep in mind.

The Pros and Cons of White Labeling an Email Marketing Platform

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In a hyper competitive market, it’s worth investigating solutions that extends or complement your existing services and can turn you a profit.

Does a white-labeled email marketing platform hit the sweet-spot? Here are some pros and cons to help you answer that question.

Recommendation Engines for Email Marketing

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“Micro-targeting,” “hyper-personalization,” “individualized insights” and “one-to-one marketing” are some of the “buzziest” of the “big data” email marketing phrases, but with good merit.

Personalized emails have 6x higher transaction rates on average. A way to achieve this at scale for hundreds of subscribers is through the use of a Recommendation Engine. But how does it work and what’s important to look for when buying recommendation technology?

9 Steps to Making a Bullet-Proof Business Case for Marketing Automation


Marketing automation is a proven method for managing and optimizing the entire customer experience. This software can help you measure the metrics that matter most to your business, and demonstrate the effectiveness of your marketing team. But how to make the perfect business case for marketing automation?

Ever heard of a Vendor Dashboard? The key to improve vendor performance


Nearly fifteen years ago, I took over a direct marketing team at the online division at Nordstrom. This was not a high performing team, by any definition.
Employees did not like each other, employees did not work hard, and quality of work was very poor.

Interestingly, I inherited a dozen or so vendors. I had worked with many of the vendors previously.

Will Your Marketing Technology Pass the “Shiny Things” Test?


Recently, I wrote about avoiding the distractions of “shiny things” when choosing a new email service provider. After posting the article some people contacted me and asked: “Well, what are the shiny things, Marco?” Good question!
I polled some of our staff for a list of those extra features that organizations often think they have to have then end up not using.

Why You Should Never Use WordPress for Your Email Marketing


Please don’t burn me at the stake for what I’m just about to say, but I really need to be honest with you.

I love the idea of open source and free software just as much as the next guy. And I particularly love WordPress. It’s a truly genius platform that allows anybody to build a quality site that’s accessible on all devices and optimized for the modern web in general. That being said, WordPress is not the perfect solution for all things.

From Pilot to Email Marketing Automation Maturity


Email marketing automation can help you in achieving higher conversion rates. This does not mean that it’s only suitable for sales. What can marketing automation be used for?

And just as important how do you implement Email marketing Automation correctly? We round up primary key points for successful application.

Marketing Versus IT: Why Marketing Software Should Declare Independence!

marketing independance data

During marketing software purchase IT often has a large casting vote, going for structure and control.
But in the ideal world the marketing department should have control over his own software and data to make optimal use of them.

Here is why in marketing software selections, independence should be a priority!