How big brands achieve cross channel marketing technology Integration


These days marketing systems are beginning to catch up to the hype. The level of integration we have always aspired is coming close. It is interesting to see how brands are able to execute campaigns as they work with different vendors across marketing platforms. How are brands making their technologies talk to each other in real-life?

Why ESPs Need a 3rd Party Plugin Marketplace to Survive


The world of apps (short for application, meaning software) is continuing to both grow and change, becoming a bigger part of the B2B world.

Email service providers should take note. These marketing apps are going to become a competitive advantage for the ESPs…if corralled into a marketplace.

11+ must know tips for collaborating with Marketing Agencies, Consultants and Vendors


In marketing (whether B2B or B2C), there is often reliance on third-party resources to help come up with ideas and/or to deliver a solution or result.

Therefore collaboration can be critical for effectiveness in most functions and especially in marketing, regardless of a company’s size. But how do we successfully outsource and collaborate with Marketing Agencies, Consultants and Vendors?

Finding the ROI in Marketing Technology Promises


As the saying goes, “follow the money” and no one can deny the trend of marketing technology investments in both the public and private markets.

Investors made huge bets in social media like Facebook and Twitter, marketing automation plays such as Pardot’s acquisition by Exact Target and Exact Target’s follow-on acquisition by, the Eloqua and Responsys acquisition by Oracle, and Marketo’s IPO.

Behavioral email marketing: 4 examples and the tools you need to change your business forever


There has been a massive ressurgence in behavioral email as email marketers realize customers are increasingly savvy and no longer happy with the 'same old' style of daily, weekly or monthly newsletters.
What does this mean for you? And what does your email marketing software need to be able to send these event driven emails?

Asia: the new frontier in digtal communications


Are you looking to Asia for expansion? Cloud and Saas based technology makes it easy to make the first steps, as far as deployment is concerned. Sandra Patton will shed some light into the path to Asia with your digital media offerings.

What makes or breaks your  success in Asia? Especially interesting for companies that do omni-channel communication looking outside their home territory.

Oracle buys Responsys adding to their Marketing Cloud


Oracle announced on 20 december 2013 that it will be acquiring Responsys, an enterprise email marketing software provider focused mainly on B2C. The proposed transaction is expected to close in the first half of 2014, but it is still subject to Responsys stockholders tendering a majority of Responsys’ shares.

The Board of Directors of Responsys has unanimously approved the acquisition.

The 5 biggest Unpredictions in 2014 Digital Marketing


All digital marketers can benefit from a clear understanding of what the business areas are that demand their attention. After pondering trends in the digital marketing software, it is time to look into which themes to discard.

Some digital marketing developments just won’t put a dent into your online marketing success anytime soon.

5 ways a full-service ESP will make you worry-free.


When you find the right email marketing partner, they become an extension of your in-house marketing team.

How does that work? Let’s review the topics that will become worry-free when enlisting a great full-service ESP.

Drill down on email campaign analytics before you choose a new ESP


If you’re an email marketer, you’re into analytics. You have to be. Email marketing offers up all kinds of data for analyzing, and it’s only by doing so that you can improve your marketing and your email marketing ROI.

But with all the variables of email marketing—and email reporting—how do you know you’re using the right analytics in the right way?