New survey platform Centiment launches

Not all communication is geared toward our own customers or prospects. This is why interesting to see Centiment, a new online survey company that includes the targetted audience; research groups. Market researchers and businesses to create a question set and get answers from a panel of respondents.

The difference in approach makes the company have a direct sympathy factor. It lets non-profits, such as elementary schools, to host fundraisers on its platform. Where parents, friends and family download the app to receive notifications when surveys become available. Each survey completed generates a donation to their non-profit.

Tests include various assessments to ensure respondents are paying attention and providing accurate information. According to the platform, increases data and reponse quality.


Online Surveys can be used for:, for instance:

  • Consumer Behavior – Understand consumers’ activity to create an offering that best suits their needs
  • Demand Assessment – Gauge the overall level of interest in your concept before pursuing it
  • Product Design – Ensure you are launching your product with the most appealing design
  • Feature Selection – Invest in what people want the most, discard unnecessary features
  • Pricing – Understand people’s willingness to pay to set a price that maximizes profitability
  • Marketing Design – Select the logo or ad design that people are most drawn to
  • Video Evaluation – Get feedback on your explainer video or video advertisement

More information on the app and company can be found on their website.