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About Soundest

Soundest is an email marketing service provider, focused exclusively on e-commerce. By offering a web-based, fully integrated with e-commerce platforms application, Soundest is helping small and medium e-shop owners to create and send email newsletters with significantly less effort. Soundest allows you to send 1 million emails per month at no cost.

Soundest company History

Rytis Lauris, a digital marketing expert, and Zygimantas Stauga, real geek, founded the company in April 2013. The idea of Soundest came to life after realizing that there was no specialized solution for e-commerce email marketing. People were using the same tools, which actually create no added value. Private beta of Soundest was launched in November 2013 which became public in January 2014.

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Products and services

Soundest is email marketing tool for small and medium e-shops. Seamless integration with the most popular e-commerce platforms (such as Shopify, Tictail etc.) makes it very simple to start using.

Soundest product features:
1. Soundest can be integrated with just few clicks.
2. User friendly interface
3. Users can send up to 1 million emalis / month for free
4. In-shop editing tool helps to shorten time of newsletter editing. User just needs to click on product in his e-shop and it will be added to the newsletter


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Twitter: @soundest
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