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About mySMTP

mySMTP provides a cloud based SMTP sending system. Their focus is on giving your email sendings the best technology and support to build good reputation in the network. mySMTP has been active in Northern Europe and Scandinavia since 2007 in the ESP market.

mySMTP company history

mySMTP was founded in 2007. The founder Hans Jul has a background co-founding one of the first digital agencies in Denmark 1994.
After a lot of SMTP frustration when on the go, we made our own SMTP sending solution. Starting with shared IPs for individuals and small businesses. Today mySMTP sends millions of mails daily from both the shared platform and dedicated cloud server platform.

mySMTP alternative

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Products and services

mySMTP offers flexible sending packages with no monthly licence payment or other fees. Sending over dedicated or shared IPs and free support to implement SPF, DKIM and DMARC records.

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