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About Mailplus

MailPlus is an email marketing software company located in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. Working with a team of over 30 people, providing their platform and customer service for marketers on a daily basis. Their in-house developed email platform is available in four versions with a distinct split in a Webshop, Marketer and Franchise focussed solution.

Platform integrations include Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Google Analytics, WordPress, Magento, Exact Software and more.

MailPlus is available for an annual license fee through more than 100 partners.

Mailplus company history

Founded in 2004, MailPlus has grown over the years to a customer base of over 2600 organizations. From government to healthcare, from law to travel: different branches and industries use the platform for their email marketing activities. From simple newsletters to extensive multichannel campaigns, MailPlus has expanded its platform to meet the changing needs of modern day marketers.

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Products and services

E-mail marketing is for every organisation, but not every organisation is the same. Mailplus offers 6 different email marketing solutions for "the practical professional"

Mailplus for marketers:
MailPlus Marcom Mailer - for professional newsletters.
MailPlus Marcom Feedback - additional surveys & forms
MailPlus Marcom Campaigns - additional event driven campaign fuctionality

Mailplus for ecommerce and webshops:
MailPlus eCom Business – product catalogue in editor, pre-built automatic email campaigns
MailPlus eCom enterprise - selections based on order history and SMS functionality.

MailPlus for franchise formulas:
MailPlus Franchise – publish newsletters from hq, let local stores add local content, send out after completion, either by local stores or by hq.

The ecommerce version has connectors and integrates with Magento and SEO shop


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