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About Mailkit

Mailkit started with a goal to provide more than just another web based email campaign management system. It was built with automation, personalization and customization in mind from day one. Mailkit is proud to provide a system that allows clients to take the email marketing to the extreme and get the most out of their data thanks to the personalization and segmentation options.

Mailkit clients include companies like ABB, Copy General, Cofidis, Hyundai, Invelt, Prague Airport, Manutan, Porsche Interauto, T-Mobile and Tipsport

Company history

Founded in 2001 as Xland. to develop and run social network/chat/dating service. After selling the social network to the second largest portal in Czech Republic the company transformed into an ESP in 2005.

Originally intended as a one-off emailing solution for a demanding client who couldn’t find an existing system on the market to meet his requirements. Mailkit saw the opportunity for a highly-advanced solution and made a deal with the client to provide the system as a service rather than selling a license. Mailkit is privately owned by the founders Jakub Olexa and Jiri Vanicek.

CSA Membership and certificate

Mailkit is a member of the Certified Senders Alliance.
You can view the certificate here.

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Products and services

Mailkit platform:
• All-in-one email and sms provider for marketing and transactional emails
• Real-time analytics and statistics down to a recipient level
• XML-RPC API interface
• Private FBLs with multiple freemail services

Key features:
• A/B testing
• Remarketing
• Dynamic content
• Automation, Personalization, Segmentation
• Advanced programmable templates
• Engagement analytics
• Available in 6 languages

Services and editions:

  • Mailkit Base – entry level service for SOHO businesses with free sign-up and DIY email marketing
  • Mailkit Syndicate – fully featured service for high-demanding customers of all sizes
  • Mailkit Agency – white label service for email marketing agencies

General Info and Links

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Twitter: @Mailkit
Facebook: FB page