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About Addemar

Addemar develops do-it-yourself web-based email marketing software that enable companies to create, launch and evaluate multi-channel marketing campaigns. Addemar’s marketing data bank provides marketers with a far-reaching analysis and reporting environment in which to set up segmented and targeted commercial campaigns.

Addemar Cloud Marketing Software is a concept for business intelligence and marketing optimisation. It is a Software As A Service (SAAS) –solution which will result in better marketing processes and more intelligent campaigns. You compose every individual application according to your own requirements.

That way, you will always be certain of a flexible and fast solution with tangible results and relevant company insights. You create a 360° view of your consumer, who you can send advertisements based on concrete information.Addemar, founded in 2003, now has more than 2000 users. More than 70 marketing and communication agencies use Addemar technology to develop direct marketing campaigns for their clients. Our client portfolio includes famous names such as Miele, DHL, Emakina and Tequila/

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