Sure-fire ways to become a punchline when contacting email marketing companies


Email could very well be the best bang for your marketing buck. So you want to jump on the bandwagon right now. You’ve picked a handful of email marketing companies. You’re just about ready to drop them a line. Wait, hold on, which questions should you never ever ask? Which will unknowingly make a joke [...]

Announcing the Email Marketing Software Buyer’s Guide 2015 – 2016


We are pretty excited to announce the new Email Marketing Software Selection Guide that is planned for release Q2. Behind the scenes we were preparing for a while, the invitations go out to the email marketing and Marketing Automation vendors this month. The guide has an analysis of capabilities (services / product features) and vendor [...]

How to Evaluate Email Service Providers on Their API


Comparing email service providers based on their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) is like comparing a Thai restaurant to an Italian one: It’s not a straightforward comparison. It depends less on the ESP and what their API offers, and more on what you prefer, like Pad Thai to Spaghetti alla Puttanesca. Both dishes involve noodles, but [...]

What Is Marketing Automation And What Does It Yield?

marketing automation success

Email has proven to be the most successful online marketing instrument. But sending emails will only get you so far. Customers will force 1-on-1 communication: as a marketer you will have to engage in dialogue in order to optimise conversion. Many marketers are looking towards Email Marketing Automation software, but what does marketing automation entail [...]

The Shift To Solid Cross Channel Campaign Management (CCCM)

cross channel campaign management

Data-based marketing has evolved tremendously over the last decade. A wave of new channels and technologies today require marketers to manage a new and vastly more complex set of skills to communicate properly with the consumer. Ideally your company has a customer contact strategy that’s implemented and applied across the business. Below is our vision [...]

13 Industry Experts Reveal Their Secret ESP Selection Tips


When it comes to selection and implementation of Email marketing software, it isn’t easy to gain experience. Most marketers can count the selections they will ever do during their career on one hand, without fingers. We asked 13 experts in the field of email and marketing automation the best ESP selection tips you wouldn’t normally [...]

Looking at the EMAIL MARKETINGscape


We recently published the first ever EMAIL MARKETINGscape. One of the key objectives behind publishing the scape is to demonstrate just how vast and interesting the email marketing landscape has become. It attempts to make sense of the landscape with the goal of helping the industry and its stakeholders – both internal and external.

How to maximise results from your new email marketing agency


Hiring an email marketing agency might seem pretty straight forward, but you don’t want to end up with an email marketing agency that is “not getting it” when they make suggestions, or barely making them at all. That can be the result of hiring the wrong email marketing agency, but other times it just takes [...]

Marketing Automation vs. Email Marketing Software: Which Is Right for Your Business?


Although marketing automation solutions are more commonplace today, many marketers are still unsure how they differ from email service providers—and which will serve them better. I can understand why people are confused.

Why all ESPs look identical (but are they really?)


Just like identical twins, at first sight ESPs look similar. They all offer data management, reporting, content setup and editing, segmentation, triggers, split testing, auto-responders or automation features. So brands tell ESPs “aren’t you are all the same?”, the words that ESPs don’t like to hear. But is it true? Here’s some advice for brands [...]