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Evalanche V6: New features for marketing automation and lead scoring

New survey platform Centiment launches

Centiment, a new online survey company that includes the targetted audience; research groups. Market researchers and businesses to create a question set and get answers from a panel of respondents. It lets non-profits, such as elementary schools, to host fundraisers on its platform to get respondents. is a modern and low cost SaaS Marketing Automation tool designed for use by SME’s.

10 MarTech Experts Decipher the Future of Email and Marketing Automation


What will be the most interesting developments and trends? We asked industry experts for their views on the future of Email Marketing & Marketing Automation. As Marketing and technology forward with leaps and bounds, we see the outlines of how technologies could turn into profits and growth as well as the challenges that are looming […]


EmailSuccess is an enterprise level SMTP Server and MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) solution for high volume email. EmailSuccess is fit for senders of any size: ESPs and Marketing Automation Companies.


mailroad is cloud-based software for sending and managing transactional email, text messaging and mail. mailroad offers consultancy, development and execution services for transactional communications.

ACTITO improves mobile, transactional and e-commerce integrations

ACTITO released a major update with their End of summer release. Rolled out over the last three months the newest version of the platform includes improvements on the mobile functionalities – both SMS and push notifications – and new transactional email and e-commerce offerings.

Connex Marketing Group

Austrian marketing services provider that specialises in promotions, customer loyalty programmes and employee motivation.


SendForensics is a global provider of unique pre-emptive deliverability and network management solutions for email marketers, agencies, ESPs and enterprise-level high-volume senders.

Mapp Digital the new brand for Teradata and Bluehornet

The new combination of BlueHornet Networks and the digital marketing-related applications business purchased from Teradata Corporation in July by Marlin Equity now has a new name and brand: Mapp Digital