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OckNet is a German IT company that offers IT-services, website creation, hosting and mobile App programming.


Setrow is a CRM, Email and SMS platform from Turkey with an email based customer follow-up and analytics.

How many Email Software Companies (ESPs) should be on your short list?

how many esps to invite

“How many Email Service Providers (ESPs) should we put on our short list?”. Every time a marketer is selecting a new email marketing company this question pops up. No matter if you are looking for an Email service provider or the best Marketing Automation software you don’t want to take too long selecting it.

Sandhurst Associates

Sandhurst Associates is a Performance Marketing Agency and licensed credit broker with an in-house email sending system.


ClickFunnels is a very popular Funnel Based Marketing Automation software that allows marketers to quickly build complete marketing and sales funnels.

eFocus Marketing

eFocus Marketing is a specialist email marketing agency for eCommerce companies looking to optimise, automate and grow their email marketing programme.


LeadBI is marketing automation software that turns anonymous website visitors into leads. Identify, track, nurture and convert with LeadBI.


InboxArmy is an email marketing agency that offers a full suite of email marketing services – design, coding, campaign management, and strategy.


GDPR365 provides tools to become and stay GDPR compliant. It manages the processes, governance, education documents and record-keeping to ensure ongoing compliance and peace of mind.

CQ International

CQ International provides IT services. Next to server hosting, online-billing interfaces, e-commerce platforms, professional email hosting and more.