Which email software do they use? Sniff out any ESP

sniff out any esp email marketing

If you love how a business or celebrity handles their digital and email marketing, you may just fall head over heels for the email marketing service they use too.

So if you want to know which email marketing software and services they are using, figure it out in no time with this quick how-to guide which shows exactly what to look for.

The Benefits and Challenges of Running an Email Marketing RFP

RFP email marketing

The RFP. The Request for Proposal. The standard and most-often used way to begin the process of finding an email service provider, either to replace an existing one or for the first time. It’s the ESP RFP, and it’s a process that’s dreaded by many on both the client side and the ESP side. Yet, despite the dread, the RFP process continues to be the norm.

And the RFP process does have its place. Although it can be time-consuming, costly and sometimes ineffective, the RFP can do some good. It can also do some bad. And it can even be ugly.

The future of email marketing & technology through different lenses


As Marketing technology transforms itself, we see the outlines of how technologies could turn into profits and growth as well as the challenges that are looming in that same space.

What will be the most interesting developments for ESP and marketing software for the coming 3 years and what can the marketer expect to see in the coming year? We interviewed industry experts who allowed us to look through their lens into Future of Email Marketing & Marketing Automation.

Making the transition from email only to multi-channel marketing


Email vendors are increasingly offering platforms with more multi-channel functionality to give marketers a more holistic view of their customers to send more relevant messages – not just more email.

In the transformation from email only to multi-channel marketing, what should you consider and how can you make the most of the process?

Speed Up With These Advanced Analytics For Your ESP


Choosing the right ESP for you and your business can feel like it fits into life’s major stressors: divorce, death, moving… Okay, Okay, that may be a tad bit extreme. However, it can be quite the daunting task and one critical element is often overlooked. Insights needs to be at your fingertips: Fast and available statistics and reports. So which email marketing analystics should we be looking at?

A handy checklist to smoothly switch ESPs


You know it’s time to switch email service providers – you’ve heard that others offer smarter features, greater benefits, or more attractive packages.

But the whole idea is too daunting: you fear the risks and unknown elements, not to mention the time involved.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a checklist to smoothly move to your new ESP?

Simplify the playing field in marketing software selection


In recent years the amount of “Must have”-marketing software has grown explosively. It seems like every month new tools are developed that you as a marketing manager absolutely need to have.

As a result it’s becoming harder and harder to make the right choices. What’s the right marketing software?

Email marketing software built for an agency: it isn’t science fiction


It is shocking that 82% of marketers have business needs that are unmet by their marketing agency. A marketer would like an agency to be the partner that helps fulfill marketing goals, understand the business and bring results.

Does marketing technology help the agency to drive growth for their customers? This brings the question: What about the agency’s needs in terms of technology?

Thinking Beyond the Platform: Why Services Matter in Your Hunt For an ESP


When selecting an ESP, many brands get excited about the latest features that a vendor has to offer. But brands should not just consider the supplier’s platform.

Examining an ESP’s services is really important because having a good service provider can help you achieve your specific strategic goals.

8 crucial points for growing into the ideal email marketing solution


Back in 2012 when Forrester evaluated email marketing solutions the industry was full of integrating email into the omnichannel customer journey and marketing cloud platforms. In the 2014 Forrester Wave Email Marketing Vendors Report, they point out that integrated communications are ever important, new for this year is their conclusion that, and I quote, “email marketers can capture de novo opportunity if they innovate around email itself’